Electricgirl and Deadly Swarm Review

Genre: middle grade, comic, superhero, action, adventure

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31350707-electrigirl-and-the-deadly-swarm?ac=1&from_search=true


We continue our journey with Electrigirl now trying to get a handle on her powers and looking over her shoulder for Macavity. This adventure takes us all the way down to Cornwall where the three of them Imogen, Holly, Joe and her mum take a holiday which doesn’t last long. As they get into a stinging situation?

Style of Writing:

I love Jo’s style of writing in Holly’s point of view as it makes the story more personal and in turn more relatable I find. I liked that through the style you really got into Holly’s head how she was processing everything. You felt so connected to Holly which made her a very real and three dimensional. I loved that there was more comic strip in this second adventure as it really brought the story to life.


I love that the artwork is done in black and white for me it gives a great suspense to the book. I liked that there were a lot more full page artwork as it made cave scenes look very cool ( I am just not good at coming up with intelligent adjectives lol). The net power looked very realistic and awesome.


The theme of friendship is ever prominent and beautifully written especially with the addition of Cameron and how important it is to include people. The theme of fear is more present in this second book as it focuses on Holly’s constant fear of when Macavity might strike next. It really showed that you should never let fear consume you.


Holly I love her as a character she is sweet, kind and a worry wart like me which is probably why I like her so much. I felt like she grew a lot as a character as she is starting to figure out how to balance superhero and normal life and her importance as a superhero in the grand scheme of things. Joe was as adorable and supportive as ever but also getting quite bossy with the training part which is a sweet dynamic. I would have liked to have seen him play a bigger part in the action instead of being the victim. Imogen has so grown since the first novel she is a lot more confident and has more of a place in the group. I also liked her alternate personality she was funny and outgoing. Cameron was an interesting character with such a kind heart. The mum was still not very present so would like to see more of her. Macavity was as devious and awful as ever but a good villain. Maverick what a silly and funny character.


I really enjoyed the plot it was thrilling and exciting plus you didn’t know where Macavity was gonna strike. I really liked that the plot was centred around that notion that you never escape your destiny which is very superhero like. The ending was great because you had so many events and problems at once that you didn’t know where the big bang was going to happen which kept the thrill ride going. The very end was so satisfying as they were a fully formed team and the promise of new exciting adventures.

My Thoughts:

I so love this series its fun, exciting, sweet and adventurous. Plus its great way for children to start their love of superheroes or comics. It’s a jam packed comic/ book adventure and just realised she is partly like a mini storm or female Thor (have probs chosen the wrong comic characters because I have read these) but basically she is ELECTRIGIRL and super AWESOME!

5 stars

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