Orbital Volume 4 Ravages Review

Genre: YA, SCI-FI, political, comic

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11548443-ravages


This volume continues IDO agents Swany and Izzua on earth in preparation for the human and Sandjarr ceremony. However, the parasite is still plaguing earth. The question is whether it is from the Rapakhun or something else entirely. Can Swany and Izzua find the cause of this parasite without receiving series damage? You’ll have to read it!


The palette of colours is a wash of dark colours that gave the comic a sinister look to it. The horned mammal was an interesting character with such pride and so helpful reminded me of a character in Narnia which is why I liked the design so much. The battle scenes were beautiful scenes that they just popped out with a dramatic look that kept the tension throughout. The full page artwork at the end of the battle scene in space was stunning and the blue on the earth was so pretty.


Again the dialogue is political but less than the last volume but I still enjoyed the political dialogue especially the press conference that made me laugh as it was very much like most press conferences that happen in reality. There is less dialogue in this volume due to the amount of action but it was still effective and dramatic. I loved the arguments between Swany and Izzua on their principles its funny and keeps their relationship interesting.


Swany was heroic and so principled I think this is the volume I loved him in the most. I especially like him in the scene were he apologises to the Rapakhun very proud moment for humanity. Izzua was a bolshie and for once the sensible and rational one and still my favourite character. Angus and Nina what a fantastic team funny and loveable characters.


I loved the plot of this issue it ecsalated the tension of the parasite to a great cliff hanger oh I can’t talk about it but oh I have to read the next issue immediately. I was so on edge throughout this volume it was such a tense plot but I loved every minute. Then ending was just WOW!

My Thoughts:

This issue was my favourite yet because I love tense and exciting reads they are my favourite when you just can’t stop reading. A thrill ride that you will just be so shocked by the end. It’s a must read SCI-FI comic!

5 stars

© 2018 Emily Claire Cannings

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