Taken Season 1 Episode 4

Taken Season 1 Episode 4: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5723594/?ref_=ttep_ep4

So basically this episode centres around a drug that is killing soldiers. The team have got a whistleblower in the large pharmacutical company who is producing the drug. Also has a dangerous security team. Can they keep the whistleblower and his family safe or will things go south fast? Bryan also has things going with Asha not just protecting her!

I have watched this episode a few times and still it just doesn’t grab me as a good episode it is just missing something crucial to make the story of this episode of interest to me. I think it had the potential to be a great episode but I think the the script wasn’t great and the blocking of the scenes the actors were in too small a space it just didn’t look natural.

I thought the plot for this episode had a great core to it but it was just not developed enough into a story that I didn’t feel at all connected to the characters. The sub plot that was connected to the main story of Bryan annoyed me as well because it escalated too fast and I was like this doesn’t make much sense I would like more foundation. As you can see this episode has put me into rant mode as it just wasn’t enough.

So the characters the father and the daughter I felt I knew nothing about and even their relationship didn’t feel very realistic. I liked that Bryan was pushing the boundaries with this case because he was personally involved but then he didn’t get told off or anything at that point I was like what is going on in this episode! Asha and Bryan bit felt rushed and forced and not passionate or interesting development at all that was annoying because I love a good passion scene.

Overall, this review is basically a rant at how underdeveloped this episode was and how it annoyed me. But it did have some interesting new characters who are somehow connected to Bryan which is intriguing. All in all an ok episode but nothing interesting or special.

Let me know if you are watching Taken and what you thought of this episode whether you agreed with my rant int he comments below?

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