Orbital Volume 5 Justice Review

Genre: comic, SCI-FI, political, YA

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17897337-justice


So after an extremely tense battle. Swany is in a coma on the medic-centre in Orbital. Izzua is on trial by the IDO for her actions. While that is happening Ulrich has been kidnapped. Can Izzua escape her trial and bring Swany to safety before they are blamed for everything by the sneaking IDO?


The fight scenes with Izzua were beautifully done at the right moment of impact like a slow motion fight which made it realistic. The ship battle chase scenes were short but also slick in their design. They looked fantastic when they were whizzing past. The artwork delved more into the inside of Angus which was intriguing but he also makes it look so pretty at the same time as scary. I loved the landscape of Schem; the stunning orange colours and the design of the buildings.


There was not much dialogue at all in this issue as it was mostly full of action. Although the trial dialogue was amusing because it was very much like a normal trial in reality with the language used. The conversation between Izzua and Ekkhlid that was relatable of how people twist justice for their own political gain made me think of how many people have done that in our reality (disgusting). The short snippets of dialogue are very much true of how it would play out in our reality especially the trial.


Izzua OMG she is so badass in this volume nothing is gonna stand in her way. Plus she shows immense courage in this volume which made me love her character even more. Swany is not really present in this volume but you are just hoping he is okay. Ulrich you feel sorry for him as he is only trying to do his best but his past keeps coming back to haunt him. Ekkhlid wow what a typical political asshole only cares about his career and power. Nina I am questioning her as a character in this volume as she seems to be quite devious and I’m just not sure about her but I’m interested.


It was again a tense plot but less tense than the last volume. A lot of the plot in this volume was build up by the last issue which was great as I was constantly trying to piece everything together. The ending left kind of a nowhere because you knew Swany and Izzua were kind of safe but there was something lurking round the corner.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this volume it was a great set up to the last volume with action and tying loose ends. This proves that this series should be everywhere as it just continuously suprising me and continuously an awesome read.

5 stars

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