Orbital Volume 6 Resistance Review

Genre: political, comic, YA, SCI-FI

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25904560-r-sistance


As Swany and Izzua have escaped to Schem for Swany’s recovery they are for leading a peaceful life. But that does not last long. As Swany’s fits are getting worse and there is a masked person following them. Will the final battle end in victory or will it cause more damage than ever imagined?


Firstly the cover artwork it just amazing because Swany looks menacing with the combination of black and orange being so sinister. Throughout this volume the battle scenes were so exciting and thrilling. My favourite would have to be between Angus and the Acherod. This sounds silly but it was just the most beautiful battle because of the colours of the explosion and the way each scene was divided and shown. Nina in that explosion running with that expression on her face would make a fantastic print. The end page artwork was so tense and scary. Throughout all the volumes the artwork has been phenomenal and beautiful just an amazing style.


Compared to the last volume there was a lot more dialogue in this volume which was great because you got a lot explanation and fantastic arguments from characters. The arguments between Kristina and Swany are so tense and dramatic and in turn bring so much more to the story. Those special conversations between Nina and Angus are fantastic because they are so emotionally connected to save Swany which gives the story that heartbreaking moment. Throughout the series the dialogue has been intriguing due to it being continuously political which I loved because it made it that more relatable to modern day reality.


WOW Swany what a character his bad side really comes to life in this volume. Also he really came together as a whole character as you connect the dots of his past and how he became who he was which made me love the character even more. Izzua I felt she took a bit of a back seat in this volume. However, I love her character she is badass, protective and kind. I’d so want her as a friend. Kristina what a character she was an interesting, feisty and full of revenge. I felt sorry for her a bit because she was young and didn’t really understand what was going on with her parents and she just need some support. I really liked her character she was a great and I just wanted to give her a hug the whole time. Ekkhlid wow I was so glad when he met his sticky end I absolutely hated his character. Evona although she was a small character I liked her and would have liked to have seen more of her. Nina and Angus a fabulous duo so calm but badass.


Overall, as an ending it was epic and intriguing plus tied up a lot of loose ends which I love because that annoys me so much when they are not tied up. The escalation to the final battle was great because it wasn’t dull but exciting through all the mini battles. The length of this volume I would have liked to be longer because it felt too short. That might be because I really love this series and totally didn’t want to finish it. The ending was fascinating because it left you on a cliff hanger and wanting to know more. So Sylvian I am expecting more I mean you can’t just leave like that.

My Thoughts:

Overall, a great ending to a series although a little annoyed at the end page was hoping for more. And I just looked it up its not the ending YES YES YES OMG so excited for the next volume out in October. I realize I have written most of my review saying its ending but I’m too lazy to change it and it’ll be a surprise! HAHAHA! (Joker style!) Its an amazing political SCI-FI series if you haven’t picked it up go do that it amazing you will love it if you are SCI-FI fan!

5 stars

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