Clear Blue Tomorrows Review

Title: Clear Blue Tomorrows

Authors: Fabien Vehlmann, Ralph Meyer, Bruno Gazzotti


Genre: comic, SCI-FI, dystopian


This story follows Nolan on his mission to save the world from the horrible dictator F.G Wilson. So Nolan decides to go back in time to change the course of history by changing Wilson’s profession to a writer. But will he succeed and stop the start of synthetic brains?


It had a really dark and sinister tone to it through the palette of colours which gave suspense to the story. The designs of space ships were so cool and completely different each time I think my favourite would have to be the red one but also the blue one because it has a penguin on it. I am sorry I don’t think the spaceships had names.  I loved the scene where he jumps off the roof the sunset is so pretty with length of the buildings.


The dialogue between Nolan and Wilson is like father and son relationship when they start working together. I loved that you can see the relationship develop through the dialogue. I really enjoyed the dialogue of the sewer rangers they were so hilarious. The dialogue at the end between Nolan and his girl is interesting and true to life. The dialogue is very much true to how the world may develop to a bitter end morbid I know but I think to we need to think of these scenarios so they don’t happen.


Nolan he was a complicated character conflicted by his love for humanity and the price he would pay to see it succeed. I found him quite logical and funny. Wilson I despised throughout the comic just so rude, annoying and takes no responsibility for what he does in the world and his life. All characters in the memories are too short to go into detail but I liked the sewer rangers they were funny and the characters from Biosoft were intriguing.


The plot was intriguing. However, it didn’t have enough structure for me and felt a bit confusing at times. As the memories that were incorporated into the main story of Nolan and Wilson it was confusing and hard to work out the connection. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the memories weren’t so random. However, I really enjoyed the ending it was comical and so true of humanity. Overall, a great concept but need more of a clear direction to it plus making it a longer comic would have given it time to explain more of the world and relationships.

My Thoughts:

This is a comic with a fascinating concept because of the way its written with the memories and the future. However, it felt like it was setting up to go somewhere as a series but didn’t which was disappointing as it would have made an interesting series. Although I enjoyed it it just lacked clear goal which would have worked if it had been longer as you would have understood the characters motives more. This meant it was a frustrating read but an intriguing one.

3 stars

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