The Last Templar Review

Title: The Last Templar Volume 1

Author: Raymond Khoury (Goodreads Author), Miguel Lalor (Illustrator)


Genre: comic, history, mystery


This follows two Templar knights in the 13th century mission to keep the Encoder safe. With a parallel story at present day of Vatican exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art on its opening night is terrorized by four knights of the Templar. Will FBI Agent Reilly solve the case or will he get more involved with Tess or both?


I really liked the artwork throughout as the two stories had two distinctive styles. The 13th century story was beautiful mixture of sunset colours and less detail to represent the time. The ship in this story was stunning there is something about the drawing of a ship on the sea that is majestic and inspiring to a story. The present day story artwork was very detailed with more of a mixture of colours throughout each page. The present day story people had this look like Barbie which was funny and an interesting look.


This was quite an action packed comic so there was less dialogue. In setting the scene there is a little description given which keeps the mystery going and engages you to read more. I loved the flirty dialogue of Tess and Reilly it was a great start to the development of their relationship. I also enjoyed the two knights conversations even though there wasn’t many there was a great dynamic between the two.


I really liked Tess because she was miss independent and slightly bolshie with Reilly. Reilly was a complicated detective character which I loved because I think its exactly what you need for a detective. The Father Michael was creepy and a bit too friendly. The two knights though a very small part to play in this volume were an interesting pair that I would like to see more of in the next volume.


I enjoyed the plot it kept consistently questioning different theories as to who were the knights and who was behind the attacks. It was fast paced in the flow of mystery which worked well in comic as it never felt like it was dragging on. The ending was a fantastic mixture of cliffhangers for characters, relationships and the story.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this comic it was a quick read and very engaging. If you are a fan of history or mysteries you will like this comic. It is also quite political within the dialogue which I really enjoyed. A 13th century and present day mystery that will somehow connect?

5 stars

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