Alone Vol 1 Review

Title: Alone Volume 1

Author: Fabien Vehlmann, Bruno Gazzotti (Illustrations)


Genre: comic, fantasy, adventure, mystery


This is about a world where a group of kids; Terry, Dodzi, Lelia, Ivan and Camille all wake to find their families gone and the world around them deserted. They all manage to find each other and band together. However the circus in town might cause a few issues for them not to mention no food?


This sounds weird but it had this suburban feel to it because of the bright colours and the shape of the buildings. For the subject matter I liked that the bright colours made it quite upbeat and gave the story hope. Throughout the artwork felt very realistic through the detail and the outlining it made the story more believable.


The dialogue is so sweet and comfortable which shows how well the group works together. I loved Terry’s dialogue such a whiny little kid for his age but the use of ‘meany’ is hilarious and the cutest word ever. The dialogue between Dodzi and Lelia is great because their dialogue sounds like a mum and dad which is adorable and brings a family vibe to the group.


I would say Lelia is my favourite character because she is miss independent and very resourceful. I loved that she likes to make things out of nothing, something I can never do lol. Terry at first I found him annoying however, by the end I found him endearing. Camille I didn’t like I didn’t see her point but I am hoping she will develop in later volumes. Ivan was really funny I loved all his hypothesizes so cute. Dodzi what a complicated character which I loved because it gave a sense of maturity to the comic.


This volume was mainly about building up towards something and setting the scene which was done really well. By the end I was like why don’t I have the second volume in my hands I want to know more. I loved the addition of the circus to give the plot action and suspense. The plot throughout was so mysterious because you have no idea what is going on which at first I just wanted to know because I was getting irritated but then I was being like Ivan hypothesizing.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this comic it was funny and mysterious. The fact that you don’t know what’s going on does annoy you but by the end you just wanna know more! It is an intriguing start!

4 stars

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