Numbers Season 1 Episode 2

Title:  Uncertainty Principle

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Year: 2005-2010

IMDB Rating:  6.9/10

Timing:  43mins

Creator:  Nicolas Falacci, Cheryl Heuton

Stars: Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch


I loved the second episode because it had the grittiness of first case but amplified. Not just grittiness but lots of drama as these robberies were intense and tense with big shoot outs which guarantees me to not stop watching till the end.

The plot for this episode is that Don asks for Charlie’s help to predict where these bank robbers will hit next. As these bank robbers are armed and dangerous in their actions towards civilians. But with the brother team mainly focused on the pattern are they going to miss these robbers main plan?

This was a fascinating case in terms of looking at the patterns robbers create who knew they could be so predictable. It was interesting to see that even maths is flawed in terms predicting how humans behave and how they will behave. It also looks at how we try to use predicting in crime to feel like have a control over the situation however humans are unpredictable.

I really liked the background you got especially on Charlie but also on their family and how crime effects them. It made you connect more with Charlie’s character as he has this inner character that is intriguing and make you feel like you want to be friends. It also means you can understand their family dynamic more in the episode which makes you want to watch the show more.

It was a very action packed and dramatic episode that raised the bar in terms of an interesting case but also in the maths that was incorporated into the case. A great continuation to the series and can’t wait for the next episode.

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