The Crossing Places Review

Title: The Crossing Places

Author: Elly Griffiths

Publisher: Quercus


Genre: mystery, fiction, crime, thriller


This follows the life of Ruth Galloway who is a forensic archaeologist who is struggling to find her place in the world. Suddenly a handsome DCI Harry Nelson arrives at her work and asks for her help with a case of two missing children and a body that has turned up in the marsh. Will this case consume her and does it have a connection to her past?

Style of Writing:

I really enjoyed her style as we got to not only see the perspective of Ruth but also Nelson. However, usually when you have a duo in crime novels the focus is on one and not the other. The connection between the two characters through their perspectives made you feel a little bit like a scientist in an experiment I don’t know why. Actually that is the wrong analogy more like I sitting watching a film yup that’s better lol.  I liked that in a lot of scenes were high intensity with less detail which ultimately kept the suspense and pace of the novel going.


So obviously death is explored a lot throughout the book. The way the author approached it was not in emotional sense all the time but also in a logical and intellectual sense which meant you focused more on the mystery. The theme of loss was interwoven through all of the characters in the book which I thought brought the characters to life more which I loved. The mystery throughout was thrilling and suspenseful all the time, plus I was constantly trying to guess who it was.


I loved Ruth because she was such an interesting and flawed character. As she was still trying to figure out where she want to go in life which I could really relate to. Also I loved that her thought process was to question everything, mainly cause I do that. Nelson what an intriguing man so complicated and conflicted by his past which made you connect and sympathise with his character. Shona I found her irritating but by the end I understood her because you got quite a bit of her backstory. Cathbad was strange one I didn’t understand his beliefs but throughout he was humorous. Erik I really just couldn’t stand by the end I was just saying ‘asshole’ continuously in my head. Magda and Judy were two small characters but that I really enjoyed. Phil was beyond irritating. David was abominable lets just leave it at that.


I loved the plot it was thrilling and gripped me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The twist at the end was great she made you so believe it was Erik then flipped it. The connection of letters to her past was so complicated and worked perfectly as a slight side story. In the beginning and the middle there was never a point where the mystery died because she made it so you and Ruth were constantly questioning everyone.

My Thoughts:

Such a fantastic mystery read for anyone who is a lover of Bones series or NCIS because of that depth of knowledge throughout. Also just a great thrill ride. Can’t wait to get stuck into the next one The Janus Stone.

5 stars

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