Surface Tension by Sarah Grey Review

Title: Surface Tension

Author: Sarah Grey

Publisher: Claret Press


Genre: Short Stories, Scary, Emotional



This is a collection of suspenseful short stories that are quite heartbreaking because of the really important social subjects she addresses in each story in a respectful and beautiful way. You will be shocked, thrilled and emotionally torn but so glad you read it!

My Thoughts:

I am not an avid reader of short stories but I was captured by the way she wrote with such sympathy for her characters and their situations. Every story had a lot punch to it which was fantastic because it kept me wanting to read more. I liked that most stories were very short because you felt like you got enough of a story for each which made it flow better.


The first story was interesting and creepy but not that scary but then I am not easily scared. I would have liked more suspense in the scenes with the light switch. It was more of a mystery which I thoroughly enjoyed putting the pieces together. It was sad story with great way of tying the house as the devil in a way that it held the stories of its life for so long. Overall, a curious read but needed more scare for me.

The Pier:

A very short story but a creepy and interesting tale. Also quite foreboding and very sad. At the same time it’s a very close to your heart story.

Last Post:

What a heart wrenching story with such deep and complicated topics woven into the story. It wasn’t scary just emotionally crippling. I liked that Gabe was his other direction in life if he not been with Iris. I think it had a very important message as a lot of old people come from a society where discussing certain issues is not the norm but I hope this story will bring a more open society. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it will stick with me forever.


So at first I was so confused I was like is she alive with ghost in her then by the end I understood it. This one was very short and I thought it could have been a bit longer. Such a sad heartbreaking story. It suggested generations of bad luck.

Surface Tension:

This story was even weirder I thought it was simple but then she added the sea so I thought the train had gone into the water somehow. Then there was the mermaid references. This story was very confusing and couldn’t get the point. I could sort of see a metaphor for her life and being trapped also having no life. Ultimately I sort of didn’t get it but found it very interesting.


This final story what a story with such emotion and also a creepy ghost story. But also this amazing strength from Esther which I loved. It was so heartbreaking to see how the past really can haunt you. It was just a fabulous story to end on with such power and punch. You felt so engrossed and part of the story because it was so realistic.


What a fabulous collection emotional stories with some ghostly creepy bits. An easy flow of writing. I loved how she incorporated so many important and difficult issues in a way you could understand and also feel energized to do something about them.

4 stars

If you prefer to a video review here is my Youtube 5 minute review


If you are a fan of Sarah Grey’s work or have read Surface Tension let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts on this book!

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