What YALC/ LFCC Means to Me!

  • I wanted to write this post because not only YALC but also London Film and Comic Con holds a special place in my heart.
  • I am not gonna lie this was a hard post to write as it is personal but also wanted to make it so it inspires people to be utterly their geeky selves.
  • I never felt like myself or felt like I could be completely myself anywhere apart from home. So when I found this amazing coming together of all these geeky people to be entirely themselves. I felt like I was home and like I belonged. I didn’t have to pretend to be smart looking or worry that I didn’t look feminine enough in my geeky t shirts.
  • Acceptance is a word we would love to use to describe our society but we are nowhere near there. Part of me thinks there will always be something we are reluctant to accept in society I think that is part of moving forward in society but we must endeavour to be the most accepting ever!
  • So as a woman I have always tired to represent exactly who I want to be not what anyone else in my family or friends want me to be. Sure it’s tough!
  • So this is me on a platter I am an absolute geek I think I am lol I love horror films, gaming (I know shocker), reading; YA, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, all children’s and crime. I love movies, tv shows and wearing everything humanly possible fangirl, dinosaurs, history and politics. So that’s me I am a slow reader and a proud dyslexic and dyspraxic. Plus I am curvy which I love about myself! It took me so long to feel comfortable in my skin but I can now say I love this me and so what if I’m a workaholic!
  • So at YALC/ LFCC that’s where I am totally this person above feeling like everyone accepts me and I accept them and it’s just a huge mash of creativity!
  • So if any part of yourself bookish or feeling is not being accepted then come to YALC/ LFCC there is a place for everyone at this event.
  • I wanted to write this mini article because in a world that is ever changing and is growing scarier and scarier in terms of acceptance of people being exactly who they want to be. I wanted to introduce this amazing place I go to every year for 3 days where I meet authors, actors, comic artists, amazing cosplayers and make new awesome friends every year! So come as you!
  • Remember that being completely you in your likes and dislikes is the way I survive! If someone looks at you like your weird remember they have a secret geek inside them waiting to come OUT!
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