Smart Moves by Adrian Magson

Title: Smart Moves

Author: Adrian Magson

Publisher: Dome Press


Genre: Fiction, Crime


Jake has a sweet life: he has a travelling job and a beautiful wife with great friends. But one day he gets called into his boss’s office and life takes a nose dive to the worst possible place. The question is: can it get worse or dangerous?

Style of Writing

I loved the way he wrote his characters with so much soul which made them real and easy to relate to. The characters had extensive backgrounds to each of them but without the author over-burdening the reader. For instance, Lily-Mae, who we only met for a brief part of the book, has so much impact because you could feel she had had such an interesting life beforehand.

His romance scenes were absolutely amazing. I am so picky about these: it has to be passionate and make me feel something; these scenes so did! (lol!) – especially with Lily-Mae — so saucy!

The story flowed really well, connecting all the crazy situations seamlessly, for instance, the linking of Gus and Frank and Selecca in a simple but clever way.


The theme of loss was strong, in terms of Jake loosing his wife, the person he thought he’d be with forever. Afterwards, he just crumbled in his own way – not in a predictable way – which perfectly suited the character’s personality.

In the desperate situation after separation: where do you go? But being suddenly free, in all aspects of life, developed Jake into this strong character. You could feel his confusion and sense of being so lost.

The theme of love was so beautifully dealt with; the author presented many different types of relationships in one book. I loved Jake’s journey through love to find the right woman for him.

The theme of danger and having to constantly look over his shoulder made you more in touch with the darker side of the character.


Jake: I loved his character because he was spontaneous in every way; he was not just a character in a book, on a strict path that didn’t move freely. He has a sense of loyalty to people that I really liked. I also admired his thrillseeker side mainly because I would like to be that – but I’m not.

Hugo: he was a good friend to Jake which worked well in terms of the development of Jake’s character. However, I really didn’t like him because he was not only a puppet to his wife but also a pompous ass.

Susan: just an awful woman. A woman who I in no way liked or felt connected with. She was just shallow.

Dunckley: what a twat (I wanted to use a ruder word lol!)

Clayton: he was suspicious and intriguing but very likeable and trustworthy.

Jane: I felt sorry for her because she was confused and unhappy and in a bad situation.

Lily-Mae: I loved her character – almost more than Jake. She had a cheekiness to her that reminded me of myself. She was courageous, bold and full of life. I feel she should have her own book.


The plot was well connected, tying together all the sub-plots that it made me hungry to read more. There was one thing that I personally needed to make this a great book which was more tension and suspense throughout – especially in the scene with Gus. The ending was so cheesy which usually I’d be annoyed at but I wanted it for the characters.

My Thoughts

This book was a fun-filled crime read with a whacky plot and cheesy scenes. It is a great book for those who want to dip their toes into the crime genre. I really enjoyed the variety of the characters as it made the story more interesting and more invested in the story.

4/5 stars

Thank you so much to Dome Press for inviting me on this awesome blog tour. Good luck! Adrian you have a thrilling book here. I hope it does well.

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