Inceptio by Alison Morton Review

Title: Inceptio

Author: Alison Morton

Publisher: Pulcheria Press


Genre: Alternate History, Thriller, Fiction


This is about Karen who has had a difficult childhood but is finally become comfortable in her alternate historical world. However, this is all about to change when her long lost family bulldozers into her life. But will she embrace them or will she be too scared to since the government is involved?

Style of Writing:

I loved the really short chapters it kept the pace moving in a fast thriller way which meant I was constantly wanting to read more. I really enjoyed the way she describes situations it was quite descriptive but still short and snappy like you know when you watch tennis and your head is from one side to the next in suspense that’s exactly what it felt like reading the book.


Throughout you have this theme of family and what it means to people personally which I really enjoyed as it gave the book quite a lot of depth to it. The themes of fear and security through Karen’s fear of constantly being hounded by Renschman were done perfectly because at times I was seriously looking over my shoulder lol. Two other really prominent themes in the book are survival and justice because for Karen it is important for her to get justice by having Renschman either killed or in prison which you can feel that passion throughout the book.


Karen at the beginning she kind of irritated me a bit but as she developed and especially by the end I loved her character. I thought she had just turned into this badass and I don’t need no scrubs (TLC) kinda woman. Renschman wow what a nasty piece of work he was just awful but that character worked really well and intensified thrill of the book through him. Conrad I feel like she drew a slight inspiration from Mr Darcy for him because of the complicated and conflicted man. He was a character I enjoyed reading as my opinion of him was ever changing. Aurelia I liked, she was like a voice of reason and wisdom in the book.


The plot was like thrilling ride on a roller-coaster full of twists and turns and ups and downs. It flowed very well with consistent development throughout. Also it was great that throughout the chase between Karen and Renschman you didn’t know where it was going next and I was always surprised.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book a thrill ride which I can’t wait to get back on. The alternate history part was so interesting and such a great concept for the Roman Republic never falling and continuing its legacy. I hope we get more history in the next instalment. A great read for thriller and history lovers.

4 stars

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