Caraval Review

Title: Caraval

Author: Stephanie Garber

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton


Genre: fantasy, YA, Romance


This story follows two sisters who are called Dontella and Scarlett who live on the Isle of Trisda with their abusive father. However, hope is not lost in their lives as Scarlett has been writing for many years to Legend. Legend is the master of this magical wondrous event which takes you on a journey through a mystery and if you solve it the winner’s prize is a wish of your desire. Will Scarlett manage to solve the mystery/ game to start her life a fresh?

Style of Writing:

I loved the style of this book, it was a fantastic way to divide the book into the days of the Caraval and that being crucial to the development of the story. It was written in the third person which I enjoyed because you felt like a spectator in the game of Caraval which was fabulous because you didn’t want to be so connected to one character because Stephanie wanted you to make your own judgements throughout the book.


This story focuses quite a bit on the theme of coming of age especially with Scarlett but partly also Dontella which gave the book a lot of depth not because it was a teenage development but a young adult development into an adult. The theme of fear and suspense was beautifully written as I was constantly questioning what happens next and feeling a bit afraid for some characters. The theme of freedom which encompasses the main part of the book as this is how two girls come to Caraval. I think she questions the idea of freedom to each individual in a way that gave the book more intrigue to it.


Scarlett was fabulous character she was the perfect combination courageous and innocent. Also she was interesting in her decisions within Caraval because she was so unpredictable. Dontella I loved I hope we get more of her in the next book she was funny, bolshy and was constantly interested in men which worked well as a contrast to her sister. Julian not gonna lie had a fantasy or two about him. He was just so brave and fearless and very dreamy in my mind. I adored his character. Governor Dragna was an awful human being and I absolutely hated him in every way.


I loved the plot it was fast paced and thrilling. I really enjoyed the way the ending was long and drawn out. As it added to the cliff hanger at the end in way that it set up so many questions in my mind. I loved that it was so dramatic even at the beginning it drew me in even more.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book from start to finish filled with wonder, excitement and danger. A great read for anyone who loves adventure with a little romance but also for those who love a good GAME!

5 stars

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