Wonder Woman Review

Title: Wonder Woman

Director: Patty Jenkins

Staring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright


Genres: Superhero, Action, Adventure, DC

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0451279/?ref_=nv_sr_2

Production Company: Warner Bros.,Atlas Entertainment,Cruel & Unusual Films

My Rating: 5 stars



So Diana is part of Amazonian race or so she thinks! All she wants to do is fight and defend people and she is mentee of the general Antiope. Then suddenly this man and his aeroplane broke the wall between the human world and their guarded island. He brings news of the First World War but is it the Amazonians war to fight or the humans?


I loved Diana she was everything I wanted her to be and more. She has that innocence at the start but then she develops into a warrior. Her fierceness is epic it is really hard to explain she is just a fantastic character. Antiope, she is such a badass but I was so sad she had such a small part. Her mother, Hippolyta was a bit annoying but still loving and caring although you don’t see much of her. Steven was such an amazing guy and was so principled and brave. He was also very handsome I just loved him because he was such a full character. Ludendorff what a creepy and power hungry man you just hated him throughout because he had no notion of the consequences of his actions. Dr Maru was the perfect evil concoction of the war and how it switches people’s perceptions of life. Sir Patrick is very creepy and a great villain. The other members of the gang are a great addition to the story making friendship more interwined in the movie.


I loved the plot because throughout the movie there are two major conflicts but are completely separate until end. So you are constantly looking for this connection its like a mystery to solve. The development of the connection between gods and men was so epic. The twist at the end was sort of expected but still done very cleverly.


They were epic and badass for the Amazonians just what I wanted for god like warriors. The war costumes were very authentic and so were the sets as this is becoming more difficult to achieve authenticity even though technology is improving.

My Thoughts:

I really loved this movie it exceeded all expectations and more. The thing I loved the most is that it was all round amazing not just that it was the first modern superhero film with female director. The fight scenes were so precise and beautifully choreographed. The music was a great accompaniment to every scene. This is a film for everyone the best superhero movie to come out of DC. Also felt very empowered as a woman when I came out of the film. It had some memorable lines and an overall great script.

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