An Interview with Michael Morpurgo Review

Title: An Interview with Michael Morpurgo

Author: Joanna Carey

Publisher: Egmont


Genre: non-fiction, critique, interview


This is an interview of Michael Morpurgo and a look in his life. Then there is critique on his work done by Joanna Carey. Then a list of all his works and a preview of his book My Father, Is A Polar Bear.


This book has been on my shelf for ages but as fiction takes priority as a blogger because that is my first love. So this book got put at the back of the shelf. But since it is quick read and I can now read non-fiction for pleasure after university, I picked it up.

Originally I thought this was for children as a piece of work that is a look into the world of their favourite author. However, I think it is more of a reference for adults due to the critique piece in the middle and for teenagers who want to learn more about him.

The first part is the interview which was with Joanna Carey who is also a children’s author. It was a interesting interview I really liked the structure of it, dividing into parts of his life. As this is where he draws a lot of his inspiration from. I have no idea why it is so fascinating to read about our favourite authors lives are but then we read about them and they are just as ordinary as us but its their imagination that makes them special. It was fascinating to see how he was effected by the Second World War. His charity the FFCC is one I truly admire and will give children great joy and skills.

The next section was a sort of critique or praise of his writing which I found very unnecessary. As it could have been written as a introduction and only been two or three pages. Ultimately I would have preferred more of the interview instead of this section.

The end part listed all his works but in my opinion took up too much space. Then there was an extract of his book My Father is a Polar Bear which was lovely. I love reading his story there are filled with such imagination but also are very realistic.

Overall, I loved the interview part of it was very fascinating and so nicely constructed. I liked that it was quite informal but so informative. Reminded me of my childhood and reading my mums interviews of guitarists for her. However, didn’t enjoy the rest of the book apart from the extract at the end. Morpurgo is a great writer and I have loved his books since I was a child and even now still enjoy them. Now knowing more about him has inspired me to go through my morpurgo books and do a readathon.

2 stars

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