Doctor Strange Vol 1 The Way of the Weird Review

Title: Doctor Strange Volume 1 The Way of the Weird

Author: Jason Aaron,Chris Bachalo (Penciler and Colorist), Tim Townsend (Inker), Al Vey (Inker), Mark Irwin (Inker), John Livesay (Inker), Wayne Faucher (Inker), Victor Olazaba (Inker)


Genre: Marvel, superheroes, comics, fantasy

Publisher: Marvel


This follows Doctor Strange on a adventure through the wrong door and into a world where his own mystical world and friends are threatened by dark forces. That wish to take over the multiverse.


The artwork was out of this world as in I had never seen anything like it so crazy but so beautiful. At times I did think it was a bit crowded and hard to follow but by the end I got used to the style and could see why he did it like that as it connected to the idea of the characters. The black and white and colour element at the same time was a fantastic way to show his powers. I loved that every artwork as it was magical and that there were so many books in the artwork.


There was lots of dialogue which was great as it helped a lot to building the background of the world and understanding where the story was going. For me Wong had the best dialogue he had great wit. The conversations between Wong and Doctor Strange have so much banter to them make the characters more likeable.


My favourite would be Wong I felt like he was funny but wise and those characters just make the story. Doctor Strange was a little arrogant but he grew on him and by the end he was interesting. I really liked Zelma she was sweet and very relatable. I think will develop into an interesting character.


At first I thought it was a bit all over the place but after the first issue it started to come together as a story. I enjoyed that every part of the story was so engaged in the magical world of the unknown and that you never new what was coming next.

My Thoughts:

Although it took me a while to get into by the end I was loving it. The story got more and more thrilling and exciting towards the end with a great cliff hanger. A fun and interesting read that lets your imagination run wild with possibilities.

4 stars

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