Saga Vol 2 Review

Title: Saga Volume 2

Author: Brain K Vaughan

Colourist: Fonografiks

Letterist: Fonografiks

Artist: Fiona Staples


Publisher: Image

Genre: comic, graphic novel, romance, adventure, SCI-FI, fantasy



This volume continues the story of Alana and Marko and those that wish to hunt them down. However, in this there is a building of the backstory as we get the story of how they fell in love. It is all to do with someone called Oswald Heist?

Wow still as stunning as the first volume. However, this has a darker tone to it as the story develops. I love the huge troll like monster is positively so grotesque! There is also an awesome gorilla in it that is just on fire walking around who says BOO! I love the imagination in the artwork is so cool!


There was a lot more than volume 1 which was great because you got a lot move background and depth to the characters. I love the dialogue between the parents its so realistic and funny.


Alana I love her character she is so headstrong and opinionated she is so enjoyable to read. Marko is funny in this volume as he plays the sort mediator Barr and Klara who are fantastically written they are so funny and realistic and you can’t help but love them. Gwendolyn I don’t like her she is such as irritating and selfish character but I am always interested in what she’s doing. The Will and the Lying Cat are a strange pair but I enjoy their banterous (I make up words a lot lol) odd relationship. Prince Robot IV I really hate he is such a arrogant assehole there is just nothing I like about him.


I really enjoyed the plot of this volume as it gave it a fullness to the characters as you got more backstory. Its great that each of three stories are quite separate but still I love that you never get bored of just Marko and Alana.

My Thoughts:

A great addition to the next adventure of Marko and Alana and their enemies. Filled with the most fantastical imagination that transports you into another dimension of magic.

5 stars

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