Saga Vol 3 Review

Title: Saga Volume 3

Author: Brain K Vaughan

Colourist: Fonografiks

Letterist: Fonografiks

Artist: Fiona Staples


Publisher: Image

Genre: comic, graphic novel, romance, adventure, SCI-FI, fantasy



This volume continues Alana and Marko’s story with them seeking out the author who created their love Oswald Heist. Once they find him things start to go crazy and of course Gwendolyn turns up. One the other side The Will and The Lying Cat are having some issues with Sophie as she eats something poisonous who knows what she’ll do? Two reporters come into the story and of course Prince Robot IV is as asseholey (i made that word up) as ever!


I love the artwork in this volume as the colours were a lot brighter and I think it suits the story better. OMG I love the flying sharks they are so cool they would look epic on the big screen. There is a unicorn woman which is so intriguing and awesome. I love the landscapes in the background of this volume they are stunning especially in the forest.


There is less dialogue in this volume which worked better as there was more action in this volume. The Klara and Oswald was so sweet and cute. I love the kind of arguments Alana and Marko have they are funny but also very relatable.


I love Klara she is so much fun to read and has such a bolshie personality but I like that you get to see a softer side to her in this comic. The Will, Lying Cat, Sophie and Gwendolyn are characters I tolerate but for me they haven’t really developed into enough of characters yet. Although there was a lot more developed of them in this volume. Alana and Marko I really love their relationship and character because they never feel stagnant because they are always developing. Prince IV I still can’t stand. I really enjoy Oswald’s character as he brings more depth and societal debate into the story.


The plot of this volume was very much a build up to the ending which was very dramatic which I loved. The climax at the end was so thrilling and tense love it. The story of The Will deteriorating was unexpected and weird but I guess used to bring in his brother.

My Thoughts:

Again another great volume from Saga filled with thrills and a fantastic imagination. This is not my favourite in terms of plot and dialogue but in terms of artwork it is definitely my favourite.

5 stars

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