Timeriders Low-Down

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One thought on “Timeriders Low-Down

  1. S. E. Gould

    Hi Emily.

    After reading several of your reviews on your blog, I think you might enjoy my newly (self) published science fiction novel.   Your review of “Timeriders” by Alex Scarrow displayed the depth of insight that I am seeking for an early reviewer.   

    My book, Perfect Imperfection, centers around the adventures of a not-too-smart, over-weight young man with a receding hairline who stumbles onto and into a secret benevolent society of scientists, called Perfect Imperfection or PI. With assistance PI’s accelerated learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Billings trains to become a virtual secret agent that helps humanity in the face of accelerating scientific, ecological and social evolution. The antagonist, Blackbeard, an elite black hat hacker, employs cutting-edge tech to land the biggest score of his career.  An epic virtual game of cat and mouse ensues, with everything in the balance.    
    I’ve tried to give hope to the reader despite the path the world is on, there is a way to save us.  The point behind the story is to show we can overcome the trivialness of all our imperfections, be they physical, social, intelligence or economic.  I will donate all profits of the book to causes that are consistent the book’s key themes.  

    Emily, by way of introduction, my name is S. E. Gould, and I’m a recovering software entrepreneur and corporate finance executive, looking to spend the best part of my life writing fiction that may help inspire the world to choose a better path.    

    If you are interested in reviewing, I am happy to send you a pdf, epub or setting my early kindle price at $0.99 or can gift you a free amazon kindle version or paperback.  Lastly, if you want an interview or run a giveaway for your followers, I can help you out there as well.  I appreciate your consideration.    


    S. E. Gould

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