Timeriders Review

Title: Timeriders

Author: Alex Scarrow

Publisher: Penguin

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6773432-timeriders?ac=1&from_search=true

Genre: SCI-FI, middle grade, slight historical fiction


This is about three teenagers: Liam, Maddy, Sal from different times in history and a older man Foster who try to save the world through time travel. But will their first mission be a success? Can they reverse history with their mechanical robot Bob?

Style of Writing:

I loved the detached writing style in terms of written in the third person it felt like you were in the cinema watching the story unfold. The short chapters were fantastic for this story as it kept the pace fast and thrilling. The use of their conscious speaking was fantastic especially for characters like Kramer which made him more realistic. The jumping between the two worlds worked very well because you never spent too long in either so you could keep up with the timeline easily.


There are a lot of themes in this book from history, death, Second World War, future and nuclear weapons. The theme of history throughout this book from the Titantic to  the Second World War is fabulously written especially as a historian I have not much interest in those topics but Alex kept me interested. So theme of death is present quite a few times throughout the book in different situations. In each time you felt each time it was handled beautifully but also giving you different not just the same generic way children should interpret death. The Second World War is massive theme throughout what was great about it is you saw many different sides to the war from soldier to generals to prisoners of war with an insight to their interpretations. Then you have the theme of nuclear bombs which is fascinating that theme of escalation of war and power and showing the extent of its destruction. I have made this book sound so serious honestly it’s not that serious.


Bob was by far my favourite as I could just imagine him as this CP-30 like character. Not only that he had so much depth as a robot but also very dry witty humour. Foster was such a loveable father figure also so kind and sweet. The epitome of a great teacher. Kramer what a character so consumed by power and insanity but also intriguing. Karl the conscious of the bad side was good addition to keep that balance of good and bad but he lacked a personality. Sal what an adorable character I liked her but she didn’t play a huge role so I guess she’ll develop more later in the series. Maddy I really liked strong and bossy character which worked well with Foster. Liam I also really liked because he had so much innocence as a character because he came from way back in history but also his dynamic with Bob was great and funny.


The plot had so much packed into it which really engaged and drew me into the book but also kept the flow of the story going. There were parts of the book especially in the middle that were very long that could have been cut. The development throughout was strong and continued. The ending was great because it left you kinda of knowing where it was going but with so many questions.

My Thoughts:

Another series added to my list that I can’t wait to continue with. Time travelling through history to change history it just a wonderful concept that fellow historians will love. Not only historians but those who love adventure, thriller and children’s fiction. I so enjoyed it can’t wait to read the next in the series A great thrilling adventure through time and history.

4 stars

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