Saga Vol 4 by Brain K Vaughan Review

Title: Saga Volume 4

Author: Brain K Vaughan

Colourist: Fonografiks

Letterist: Fonografiks

Artist: Fiona Staples


Publisher: Image

Genre: comic, graphic novel, romance, adventure, SCI-FI, fantasy


This continues our journey with Marko and Alana and their child but this time in a slightly more settled state and dealing with everyday issues. But also more of the story of Prince Robot IV which is building up to something BIG!


The artwork for this volume took the imagination to the next level it was stunning. I think the most fantastic creation of this volume is Yuma, she is a tree like creature and she is so original and pretty. Another favourite creation from this volume is King Robot he is just so hilariously ridiculous and remind me of Henry VIII. Overall, the artwork had a fantastic sinister tone to it which you could see through the use of faded dark colours.


I really enjoyed the dialogue between Yuma and Alana it was like a mother and daughter friendship which was sweet. The dialogue between Marko and Ginny is quite suggestive of something but at the same time very realistic depiction of temptation which made their interactions more relatable.


I really liked Alana in this volume the most as she had so much development, trying to become a working mum whether it suited her or not. Yuma was another favourite character she was so warm, funny and devious at times. Marko I felt sorry for he’s just in this limbo where he doesn’t or can’t be who he is. Ginny was rude and irritating didn’t like her at all. Dengo was so creepy and strange but a great escalation for Prince Robot IV story of the comic.


I loved the plot for this volume as it turned into thriller and I love thrillers. The story really came to life with the kidnapping and it intertwining into all the characters lives. I can see why they added the story part with Ginny because of its relatability but honestly I didn’t like it. That’s probably cause I love Marko and Alana so much as couple they are like a beacon of hope for their world. I so didn’t get that weird flashback with The Will but I guess it will explain itself later.

My Thoughts:

I am still absolutely loving this series and this volume made me love it even more with it’s action packed story. And the scene is set for another action packed volume of uncertainty of where the story will take you in this wild imaginative world.

5 stars

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