March Film Wrap Up

For March I went to see three amazing films that just blew me away but then I went to see one that just was so disappointing it made me sad. I think this was due to a lot of things but it also brings up an issue of companies taking over creative control which in some instances it does work but definitely for this film it didn’t work and there was a clear lack of freedom for the director. This is the big question as companies choose what we want to watch are they really visions of director or the company.

captain marvel

Captain Marvel

Opinion: I loved this movie granted it was a bit all over the place at times. It just had a great story arc but I would have liked more flashbacks but maybe that will be explained in a second movie. The chemistry between all characters was great and made me love watching it. It is worth watching.

4/5 stars

five feet apart

Five Feet Apart

Opinion: I adored this film it was incredible, the characters were amazing and I become so engrossed in what they were going to do next. The love story was dramatic and soppy so you just fell in love with it instantly. It was also interesting to hear about Cystic Fibrosis and how tough it is to have it.

5/5 stars

the white crow.jpg

The White Crow

Opinion: I loved this film it was beautiful and made me want to dance plus it reminded of why I love Ballet. There is just nothing like watching a master of Ballet dancing, it fills you with passion and that is what Rudolf Nureyev is to me. A beautifully told story of his life. A triumph for Ralph Fiennes but I would have liked to see more dancing.

4/5 stars

dumbo film


Opinion: This was such a disappointing film it just annoys me to the core mainly because it looks like they just slapped Tim Burton’s name on it and never let put his vision out there. It felt a typical bad Disney film that has a mediocre plot and okay characters that don’t really go anywhere. Its just flat and not what I was expecting.

2/5 stars

That is all the films I went to see in March let me know what you have watched in March in the comments. As always keep geeking!


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