Weekly Update 8-14th April 2019

I have wanted to do weekly updates for ages but I have no time or I am just a very disorganised person who finds it hard to do things regularly, it is a bit both. Anyway here we go. So this week I was on holiday from work WOOOOO (I only say that because it is nice to have holiday and I find my work a bit draining at times). You know how you say to yourself I am going to spend the whole week reading it never happens because life gets in the way of your TBR schedule constantly. However, I did do a lot of reading.

In terms of books I finished two books this week one that was amazing and the other was great but not as good as the other one. The first book I finished was The Mystery of the Colour Thief by Ewa Jozefkowicz which was a beautiful story about a young girl whose mother and her had had an accident and the mother was now in hospital but Izzy was alright. It follows her dealing with the accident through this colour thief. Who is stealing colours from her mural in her room. I did really enjoy the book and think it is a fantastic book for showing kids that you should just be yourself and let people help you. I think the only reason I gave four instead of five stars is because I wanted it to be longer and to have more about the father and daughter relationship.

4/5 stars

the mystery of the colour thief


The other book I finished was Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott which was just incredible I loved every moment of it and usually I am not a love story contemporary book fan but this just melted me completely and renewed my faith that there maybe be someone out there for me. It just an amazing story about these two people with Cystic Fibrosis that fall in love but they have to be six feet apart at all times due to CF. It follow their story and their individual stories of family, CF and how they struggle with their diagnosis. I love this book and I think if you want a love story read this it is beautiful!

5/5 Stars

five feet apart book


Then films so I went to see two films this week they were both really good. First I went to see The Sisters Brothers now I haven’t read the book but I plan to and my mum loved it plus it looked like a stellar cast. I really enjoyed it because it has that dry black humour that I love. Although I felt that there could have been more humour in it. As there was a lot weird and awkward conversations and violence but it felt like a great western movie that I would definitely watch again

4/5 stars

the sisters brothers.jpg


The other film I went to see was Shazam and that was a pleasant surprise I got into it and the humour was good. As my best friend says, ‘it was a fun superhero movie’ (I’m paraphrasing a bit, lol my memory is so bad) but he is right it was hankering back to a time where superhero movies used to inspire kids and they weren’t huge action movies with complicated plots they were just fun. A great cast of characters and Mark Strong is in his element as a baddie.

4/5 stars



In terms of TV I have been a bit lazy I could have got a lot of binging done but I opted for more reading which was good but when you get that urge to binge it is really hard to resist. So I have been watching the new series of Graham Norton Show and Have I Got News for You which are staples in my TV diet, they are so much fun. Also been continuing with Blue Bloods season 1 which I am loving. However,  I did finish a season this week in terms of reviewing which was American Horror Story season 1 which will be up in two parts on my blog later this week. I loved the first season it was so ambitious, freaky and psychologically disturbing but it is obvious that a lot of passion and love when into it. If you are a horror or thriller fan definitely watch it!

5/5 stars

american horror story season 1


In terms of watching films at home I had a clear out of my library of DVDs so I watched Johnny English which was disappointing and I didn’t realise that I didn’t find it funny or like it. It is basically a spoof of James Bond played by Mr Bean which is so flat. So that is no longer staying on my shelf.

2/5 stars

johnny english


Lastly in terms of comics I read one this week which was Bitch Planet Volume 2 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists Taki Soma and Valentine De Landro which I enjoyed much more than the first volume I felt like it came together in this volume. Basically this is about a world where most of the female population are in this prison because they failed to comply with a very male dominated world and now there is an opportunity to rise up. It is a fascinating concept which you understood more in this volume and left you on an interesting cliff hanger if slightly predictable.

3/5 stars

bitch planet volume 2.jpg


That’s it that is everything I have culturally consumed this week. Let me know down below in the comments what you have read and watched this week. As always keep geeking!


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