September TV Releases

There are some interesting TV shows to see this month but the one I am really interested in is American Horror Story 1984. I love American Horror Story its an amazing horror series and the fact they are exploring the 80s it just so good. I am going to save it for October though. So here is the list:


The Capture – Season 1 – BBC1 – 3rd – 9pm

Opinion: This looks like the best new thriller to come out of the BBC. 


State of the Union – Season 1 – BBC2 – 8th – 10pm

Opinion: I love Chris O’Dowd.


Temple – Season 1 – Sky One – 13th – 10pm

Opinion: I love Mark Strong. 


City on a Hill – Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 18th – 9pm

Opinion: I really don’t like Kevin Bacon but this TV show looks fascinating.


American Horror Story 1984 – Season 9 – Fox – 19th – 10pm

Opinion: I love anything set in the 80s.


Criminal – Season 1 – Netflix – 20th

Opinion: David Tennant looks amazing in it. 


Frayed – Season 1 – Sky One – 26th – 10pm

Opinion: This maybe hilarious we shall see. 


The Politician – Season 1 – Netflix – 27th

Opinion: This looks insane. 


As always keep geeking!


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