Apple TV I Don’t Know

So by now you can guess I am one of those people who has pretty much every streaming service available to me because I A: I like variety B: I don’t want to be restricted in not being able to watch something that is trending C: I am greedy. The release of Apple TV was not a shock to me, but what was was how long it took for it to arrive. Although seeing the trailers for a few of their shows has made hope that this maybe quality over mass production. I know I am hoping for too much but you never know. 

So I thought I’d let you know which TV shows I will be watching when this new streaming service begins on the November 1st for £4.99 a month. Here they are:

  1. Truth Be Told 

This follows a journalist who is connected to a crime through the articles she wrote. That led to a man being arrested for it. However, she feels as if that may be innocent. With the journalist played by Octavia Spencer this series has real potential and I can’t wait to watch it. 

truth be told


2. Morning Show 

This TV show is about a Morning TV Show in America where the male anchor has been accused of some crime and now the female anchor feels as if she is fading away because she is not the young woman that they have brought in to replace her. It looks like an honest look at work place environments today with the incredible cast of Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon. This I am sure I will enjoy.



3. For All Mankind

There is something so fascinating about TV shows to do with space exploration I think for me it is the infinite possibilities of paths you can take. This TV show shows a different route onto the moon for mankind that starts a race to space that could well begin in our life time. The cast again fantastic with one of my favourite actors Joel Kinnaman I am bound to love it. 



Others that I am also interested in are: Servant, Ghost Writer, The Elephant Queen, Dickinson and See. Let me know which TV shows or films you are intrigued to watch from Apple TV in the comments below!

As always keep geeking!


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