Illumicrate Darkdawn Exclusive Edition Box

This box is so special for me as I adore this series it is just epic fantasy that if you haven’t picked it up yet and your a fan of fantasy definitely try it. This particular box is so epic from Illumicrate. I have to say all of their Exclusive Edition Boxes have been amazing.

So here are all the items in the box. Let me know what you think of the items and whether you have read the series in the comments below:

Here is the stunning book Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff signed and designed endpapers with yellow sprayed edges.


A detailed Mia Pop which has been created by Illumicrate.



Striking bookmark set that was created by Merwild you can find more of this beautiful artwork on @merwildandco.



A Corvere crest necklace that I love but is a bit heavy from Danielle you can find more of her work on @dalandan.ielle.



These two pins are just so mesmerizing they are made by Fable & Black. You can find more of their work on


A detailed wooden map of Itreya that I love because part way to my heart is a beautiful map. This is created by Virginia Allyn and James Orr (@virginiaallyn).



This is an exciting extra which is a booklet that includes behind the scenes secrets about the adaptation that is being created. The cover art work is created by Nan Fe (@nanfe1789).



A bath bomb in the shape of a cat which for me I would love to see more bath bombs in my subscription boxes. This was created by GeekyClean (@geekyclean).



I now have three mugs designed by this creator and I love everyone of them they are stunning designs and a good size. I would love her to make tote bags and scarves with her designs on them. This is designed by Rosie you can find more of her work at @rosiethorns88.



A warm and cosy blanket that I can’t wait to curl up in. This is created by Yoshi Yoshitani (@yoshiyoshitani).


A pretty collectible coin that is designed by Monolime you find more of this work at @monolimeart.



This is a stunning piece of artwork which I will definitely frame which was created by Arz (@arz28).



A sturdy and striking book sleeve that I am excited to use. These two design are created by Chatty Nora (@chattynora) and Monolime (@monolimeart).



As always keep geeking!

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