Weekly Wrap Up 13th January

I feel like this was a good productive week with TV shows and books but I would have liked to have done more reading it is that age old problem trying to find the time to read after and before work. How do you get around that work distraction let me know in the comments?


Books I Read

Belle Revolte by Linsey Miller

belle revolte


I finished it and OMG this going to be on my top ten this year so thrilling and a fantastic world to sink into.



Little Italy

little italy.jpg

Oh wow this was the cheesiest and adorable rom com on the planet and it was to do with food so I was just in heaven. Who knew there where so many Little Italy’s.


TV Shows

Greys Anatomy Season 4

greys anatomy

Finished another season and now I am even closer to my goal which I will tell you about those soon. Honestly a lot happens in this season and I feel this is where Shonda Rhimes really stepped up her game with this show.


Bones Season 1


This first season ending is just thrilling and you can’t wait to watch the next season as you have to know what happens by the end of the episode.


As always keep geeking!

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