Top Ten Films of 2019

Films were just absolutely incredible last year from the huge blockbusters like Avengers Endgame to the hilarious romcom Long Shot. It was so hard to choose my top ten as I watched a lot of amazing films last year but I managed to whittle it down. I feel like this years list is a culmination of amazing fandoms and those one hit wonders that stay with you forever. There are a few political films on here because you know how I much I love watching those real life political dramas which are appealing to everyone. There are some honourable mentions which are Lucky Grandma which is a hilarious tale of a crazy situation, Alita The Battle Angel which visually was one of the most stunning films and I want to see more from that world and last but not least Captain Marvel in which Marvel finally puts women first which I loved.

Here is the list:

10. Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker

Opinion: An interesting ending to an era but there was just not enough plot and character development for it to be a great Star Wars film.


9. The Report

Opinion: A story that should have been told many years about one man’s story for the truth in an area that is so broken by others.


8. Long Shot

Opinion: A realistic romcom that shows people for who they are which is what the political public want to see.


7. First Love

Opinion: Gangster love story that is like no other.


6. IT Chapter 2

Opinion: That scare that gives goosebumps and leaves you with too much of an imagination.


5. Knives Out

Opinion: The modern mystery I have needed in my life with an Agatha Christie twist.


4. The Odd Family Zombie On Sale

Opinion: The most hilarious and perfect romcom ever.


3. The Irishman

Opinion: A great look at what community and family can push a human being to do.


2. Vice

Opinion: A scary look at what happens within a political system we look up to.


1. Avengers Endgame

Opinion: A truly epic love letter to the fans.


As always keep geeking!

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