Weekly Wrap Up 16th – 22nd March

This week was a really productive week I mean it was partly due to the fact I was on holiday but I finished two books and started to read lots of others. I  watched a lot of TV shows and started a few that I am really enjoying and raving about to my friends. I did make a dent in watching and reviewing some of the films in my DVD collection which was a bit of a nostalgia route with some. I read some magazines and finally listened to a podcast oh it has been too long.

So here is the list:


The Amazing Spider-Man


Opinion: Ok so not my favourite Spider-Man series but I have to say it is more of a mysterious plot but not the right man in the suit in my opinion. However, I do love Gwen.


Father of the Bride


Opinion: A classic that I love so much and makes me all gooey and warm inside. 


Ice Age


Opinion: Here is the nostalgia bit I was talking about, I was singing along in this film and laughing so much.


The Lego Movie


Opinion: Well the modern day kids film classic its funny and relatable plus its LEGO and they are so cute.


Baby Driver


Opinion: A great Bonnie and Clyde film that will have you listening to the soundtrack straight after.


TV Shows

Maigret Season 1 (Finished)


Opinion: Its Michael Gambon as a detective in Paris what more could you ask for. It was my daily lunch watch.


Greys Anatomy Season 6


Opinion: I feel like this is the season with the most dramatic and is filled with incredible heartbreak but I love every moment of it.


American Housewife Season 1


Opinion: This is a great family drama that has so much relatable laughs in it plus some great characters.


Star Trek Picard Season 1


Opinion: Everyone keeps telling me to watch this, so this is going to be way into Star Trek and so far I am enjoying it.


Mrs Fletcher Season 1


Opinion: I heard about this TV show and it said it had Kathryn Hahn in it so I’m hooked already.


Insecure Season 1


Opinion: Someone told me about this TV show whoever it was thank you I love it. It has that dry humour about life that I love.



Black Klansman (Finished) by Ron Stallworth


Opinion: I loved reading this book it was so fascinating to see the inner works of the police, civil rights groups and the KKK. It has such a powerful and important message of love each other.


Bad Nana (Finished) by Sophie Henn


Opinion: This was hilarious and reminded me of two of my Nanas who are just as cheeky.


Folk by Zoe Gilbert


Opinion: Well this was a delve into the unusual part of the darkness of fairytales. It is beautiful written and I can’t wait to read more. 


The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain


Opinion: I have always wanted to read one of his books so I thought now is the chance and I am really enjoying it.


House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City book 1) by Sarah J Maas


Opinion: This beast is taking me a long while but I am really enjoying it.


Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs


Opinion: This is an interesting memoir that I wanted to read after watching the film.


The Glorious Heresy by Lisa McInerney


Opinion:  I just love the premise of this book and the similarity it has to the Sopranos TV show.



A Witch’s Printing Office Volume 1 by Mochinichi and  Yasuhiro Miyama


Opinion: This is a cute story about a girl trying to make the perfect Magic convention.



The Bookseller



Film Stories


Opinion: This is the first issue I have read and I liked the length of the reviews and the features were interesting pieces from all parts of the industry.



Hey YA Ep 635


Opinion: A great little episode about the host and an author’s recommendations which have all climbed onto my TBR.


As always keep geeking!

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