March 2020 Film Releases

So with COVID-19 film releases are a little different this month since there are no cinemas open. I have adjusted my thinking for this post so I am letting you know what is coming to your favourite streaming services this month. I have to say out of all three, Netflix have the most interesting set of new and old films but I am excited to be able to watch The Aeronauts again. 

So here is the list:


Now TV/ Sky

Killers Anonymous – 1st  – 1hr 35mins – 18

Opinion: I am a huge fan of Gary Oldman so I just had to watch this.


Brightburn – 6th – 1hr 30mins – 18

Opinion: I loved watching this in the cinema so I am excited to watch it again it is super creepy.


This Changes Everything – 8th – 1hr 36mins – No Rating

Opinion: This is a hugely important film and the trailer brought tears to my eyes as I have been waiting for this film for ages. This should have got theatrical release in the UK if we weren’t in this situation.


Strange But True – 15th – 1hr 36mins – 12A

Opinion: I love a good family drama and this right up my street.


Sell By – 16th – 1hr 34mins  – 15

Opinion: It has Kate Walsh in it so I am sold on it.


Spider in the Web – 17th – 1hr 53mins – 15

Opinion: I am a big of Ben Kingsley ever since he did Thunderbirds so I am excited to watch this.


The Secret Life of Pets – 20th – 1hr 27mins – PG

Opinion: I have been wanting to watch this film because I have heard great things.


The Intruder – 21st – 1hr 42mins –  12A

Opinion: I watched the trailer and it looked really creepy and good.


Amazon Prime

The Aeronauts – 2nd – 1hr 40mins – 12A

Opinion: I  watched this at the BFI London Film Festival last year oh it was so thrilling and gripping I have to watch it again.


Guns Akimbo – 23rd – 1hr 35mins – 18

Opinion: I am always curious to see what Daniel Radcliffe is doing.



Goodfellas – 6th – 2hr 26mins -18

Opinion: It is a classic that I love.


Hugo – 6th – 2hr 6mins – PG

Opinion: I loved the book so I have watched the film but now is my chance.


Spenser Confidential – 6th – 1hr 51mins – 18

Opinion: It’s a Mark Wahlberg film so you know there is going to be explosions and cheesy lines so it will be a great brain turn off film.


Summer Night – 11th – 1hr 38mins – No rating

Opinion: This looks like a fun romcom.


Go Karts – 13th – 1hr 42mins – No rating

Opinion: I just love the sound of this film Go Karts in Australia.


Justine – 13th – 1hr 46mins  – 15

Opinion: This looks like one of those edgy dramas that I love.


Lost Girls – 13th – 1hr 35mins – 18

Opinion: A lot of people have been saying this is going to be a really good film so I am interested.


The Assignment – 15th – 1hr 35mins – 18

Opinion: This film has two of my favourite actors in it Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez I can’t wait to watch it.


The Bygone – 23rd – 1hr 55mins – 15

Opinion: This film is like a modern western plus it has the son from The Good Wife in it.


Killing Them Softly – 27th – 1hr 37mins – 18

Opinion: It has James Gandolfini in it I can’t wait.


Uncorked – 27th – 1hr 44mins – No rating

Opinion: I like the premise of the film as it is that struggle between what your parents think you should do for a living and what you want to.


Pretty Little Stalker – 31st – 1hr 23mins – No rating

Opinion: This film looks very psychological creepy as you can see by the title so I am interested.


As always keep geeking!


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