Stranger Things Season 1 Part 1 Episode 1-4

So this is going to be the new way I am review TV shows with up four episodes in each review so if you haven’t watched these episodes then there may be spoilers. They will be a short two paragraphs first explaining what happened and then my thoughts. I hope you enjoy this new form and let me know any thoughts in the comments.

So here is Stranger Things Part 1:

Season 1

Episode 1

This TV show is so original and just amazing there is nothing like it. This is about a group of best friends that are playing Dungeons and Dragons one night and they have to go home so they ride home on their bikes. Will is the furthest away so he is riding on his own down a shortcut and hears a noise. The noise follows him as he runs home but maybe it isn’t just a noise. When morning comes around Will is nowhere to be found?

This has some awesome nostalgia references to the eighties which I love especially the clothes and accessories. Chief is a great character because he has this permanent damaged look on his face with a complicated past that you just have to know about as soon as you meet him. It also has some great comedy moments by taking the piss out of the idea of suburban cliche in the 80s. For a first episode it is packed with suspense, mini plots and fantastic characters that all draw you in.

Episode 2

This is such a super cool episode because you get to know so much here. This episode mainly focuses on the boys trying to figure out what to do with Eleven which is like the most adorable thing to watch. Then there is the continued search for Will which just breaks your heart and annoys you cause your just screaming at the TV he is in the weird place (officially the Upside Down!)

I loved the whole the with Barb it was really cute and adorable friendship but also quite poignant of how friendships go in that stage of your life. But you really feel like they missed out on developing Barb more. It just a really adorable episode that I love.

Episode 3

This episode is so dramatic and everything is happening all at once that you’re just constantly excited like a sugar high. This particular episode follows Barb quite a bit and how her and Nancy’s relationship is changing due to a certain Steve and his hair. Not only that but you may think that Joyce is going a little nuts but I assure you all will be revealed in time. Also you dip into Eleven’s past quite a bit which is fascinating.

It’s one of those episodes that opens so many paths for the TV show to go in you are wondering where it will go. I love seeing Hopper getting really curious about the case it makes him a more likeable character but also you start to root for him. The boys are finding it harder and harder to keep Eleven a secret or decide what to do with her which brings in a interesting moral dilemma. All in all it is a jam packed episode that you almost have to watch twice because there is so much and you don’t want to miss a beat.

Episode 4

So this episode is all about the tension between every character on the block and piecing all evidence together. After mysteriously there is a body found in the lake but whose is it? Steve and Nancy are having trouble in their relationship as they now have to explain to the police what they were actually doing at Steve’s house that night. Also some unlikely friendships start to sparkle.

This episode is one of the reasons I love this show because there is just nothing like in terms of the diverse characters in their personalities and the shear tension that all the characters seemed to embody throughout the series. I love that you get to see more of the Upside Down in the episode as it teases you with how this is going to in terms of the SCI-FI element. It is an epic episode that you can’t miss as you really get to know the characters and are totally hooked on the plot.

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