Winter TV Wrap Up

TV watching this winter was really good in terms of keep regularly watching something that I wanted to watch but still not the numbers I was hoping for in terms of finishing. However, what I did finish some seasons I absolutely loved like these cool shows are a mixture of rewatching and new shows. I think my biggest surprise was something called The Split it is so addictive and loved going on that Greys Anatomy nostalgia route. Let me know in the comments what are your favourite nostalgic TV shows?

Here is the list:


Greys Anatomy Season 4-6

Opinion: I love this TV show the characters and the drama plus I really feel like me and Meredith have way too much in common.


Bones Season 1

Opinion: The banter between Bones and Booth are hilarious and the crimes are fascinating.


Jane The Virgin Season 1


Opinion: A hilarious look at the crazy situations that life throws in front of you with characters you will end up adoring like I did.


Riverdale Season 1

Opinion: High school drama just makes the best TV and this show does it to the tee I can’t wait to watch more.


The Split Season 1

Opinion: Divorce lawyer who knew they lived such scandalous lives I am hooked.


The Good Wife Season 1

Opinion: Alicia is quite possibly the coolest and calmest woman on the planet but you just want to know more about her life.


Maigret Season 1-2

Opinion: Michael Gambon in the coolest setting in Paris solving gritty crimes.



As always keep geeking!

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