Winter Film Wrap Up

These past three months have been a real mixture of films that I have been to see with a few cinema releases but obviously with new lockdown measures that has made difficult now to see new films but I am hoping that no cinemas go out of business so I have put a link down below where you can donate to cinemas to make sure they will be up and running when we return to the new normal whenever that may be. Until then these films I went to see and some that will enter my Top Ten of the year. Plus I did go back memory lane as I am going through my DVD collection to work out what is staying and what is going. Let me know in the comments below what cool things are in your DVD collection?


Here is the list:

Little Italy

Opinion: A very cute romcom that will make you want pizza instantly.


Mission Impossible

Opinion: The action and the drama in these films keeps me on the edge of my seat even though I have watched it so many times.



Opinion: A fascinating look at Ray Charles’ life that will bring you to tears.


The Gentleman

Opinion: The Guy Ritchie film I have been waiting for it so slick and a great modern gangster film.


Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Opinion: The Harley Quinn film I was wanting but it is not perfect it does introduces you to the characters of Birds of Prey as a sideshow which is safety net for the studio and that is obvious but has some insanely awesome moments in it.


Baby Driver

Opinion: I love this Bonnie & Clyde style film it is just so dreamy and cool.


Ice Age

Opinion: A classic animated film that will break your heart but also make you laugh.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Opinion: The Spider-Man that nobody liked but I kinda do lets just call him the quirky Spider-Man but he does have some cool action scenes with a lizard part dinosaur thing.


The Lego Movie

Opinion: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! That is all you need to know about this film.


Father of the Bride

Opinion: My favourite romcom of all time and I wish I had Steve Martin as my dad it is just an adorable film.



Opinion: It is an interesting concept and a good film but there were certain parts in the plot that really annoyed me.



Opinion: A heartbreaking tale of how you choose your family not the other way round but will it last is the question.



Opinion: A incredible look at how creepy society can be if you look a little closer.




As always keep geeking!

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