The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Genre: family, fantasy, adventure, girl power, ballet

Where you can find it at the moment: Netflix and Disney Plus to watch plus Amazon Prime and Apple TV to buy


This follows Clara whose mother has just died and it is Christmas but it doesn’t feel like it to her. She must go to her godfather the inventor’s Christmas Party. She is a bit reluctant to go to as it is dancing and pretty things and she much prefers inventions and mechanics. Her father then gives her the gift her mother had wanted to give her. It is an egg that is locked so she thinks her godfather, Drosselmeyer can help. But he can’t so she goes to find her present as she follows the thread she finds a dark room at the end she enters a world with a tree and a key hanging from it. But where is she? Can the Nutcracker help her? Will she ever understand what the egg means?

My Thoughts:

I loved the plot of this film it was a classic in terms of twists and turns but still very original. I loved that you always had the trusty companion; Captain Philip and this inkling that he might turn but I was happily surprised he didn’t as it gave the plot some foundations. The invention of the world was never fully revealed throughout the film which I adored because I love leaving things up to the imagination as there are so many more possibilities. Plus by the end of the film you still don’t know everything so there is more to explore and those worlds are simply the best. I liked that they stayed very close to the idea of the ballet as like many women or girls this story was revealed through an evening at the ballet that will stay with them forever. I know I was so lucky that my mother made it a slightly regular thing because I did ballet that we would go to see the Nutcracker ballet wherever we could or watch it on TV. It has this wonder of objects coming to life that is eternally a magnificent plot. 

The costumes in this film were outstanding there was not one I didn’t like. Sugar Plum was the most sparkly and glittery dress I had ever seen that made me stare at it endlessly. Mother Ginger her doll like face was an incredible touch that made her a bit scary but at the same time broken in terms of her inner feelings. Also her costumes were the most beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow made her character seem so warm and cuddly even though she may not be. Hawthorne wow so many flowers I think if I went near him I would be forever sneezing. Nonetheless very pretty and colourful costume. Shiver wow what a sharp edged character but with so many icecles you just again couldn’t stop staring at the beauty of his character in that costume so icy. All Clara’s outfits were stunning and full of variety and the most amazing beauty and empowering. My favourite costume would be her soldier outfit and my favourite hair do would be with the pearls and ribbon. 

The special effects people were astonishing I could spend all day congratulating the amazing talent of all the people that worked to make this film filled with pure wonder which is hard to do. I have to say my favourite building would be the outside of the palace it had this beautiful ode to St Petersburg plus it was reddish Burgundy and that is my favourite colour. The use of special effects for the King Mouse were incredible it looked so real and detailed you just thought it was one entity. Mother Ginger’s home was hilarious and so cool it was like a circus tent but with such intrigue inside. The toy soldiers were very creepy and scary in terms of how robotic they were. The clock was by far my favourite creation it was beautiful and fascinating to watch but also had this sense of having so much history to it. 

Mother Ginger I enjoyed her character she was feisty and a bit of a know it all. Also I would have liked her to have had a slightly bigger part as I felt she was left out and I wanted more of her side of the story. Clara she was innocent but brave with lots of confidence which made her such a well rounded character and showed how much she grew throughout the film. I felt like you were with her along the journey which made m love the film even more. At no point did I hate her or be annoyed at her she was just human. Sugar Plum all I will say is she was too sugary. Hawthorne and Shiver were very small parts but great followers of their queen. Captain Philip was my favourite character he was so loyal and opinionated which I loved. Also so brave and gallant. I loved that both him and Clara were on equal footing in terms of characters in that they worked as a team together for the realm!

I adored that they incorporated ballet into the film so much as it has such a special connection to the story and how it has touched so many women, men, boys and girls from a very young age. That connection to the ballet I hope inspires anyone who wants to dance to follow their dreams of being a dancer. It something I regret myself. Seeing the ballet telling the story of the realms transformed me back to being that little girl watching the ballet on the edge of seat wishing I could do that. It added even more wonder and beauty to the film and gave it that connection to the history of the story. 

I loved this film there is nothing bad I want to say about it apart from I wanted more! The score was also a fantastic mix of the original score and new music that transported you into this wondrous world which I am listening to as I am writing my review. It was the perfect film for those who have been a fan of the nutcracker from the ballet version to the story to the barbie version (which I still have) you will have that same feeling of wonder that you had the first time. I would say it is great for six years upwards as the plot is a bit complex. It is a film for all ages as I took my mother and my Cruel Grandmother (as she likes to be called it is our little joke I am her Grandbrat! Lol) and we all loved it. It also a great way to introduce kids to the story in case they are not so keen to sit through the ballet, I am sure they will want to after seeing the film. 

5 stars

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