April 2020 TV Releases

Now that we are in lockdown TV scheduling is in a very weird place at some point there is going to be nothing new to put on TV which is such a strange thought but I also love it because now I can catch up on everything, selfish I know but the backlog of shows I have to watch is unreal. Anyway there are still some epic new shows coming to our TV screens this month from Amazon Prime’s creepy space drama Tales of the Loop to Apple TV bringing out two shows I am excited about one about a nine year old reporter and the other about a boy accused of murder. Let me know what TV shows you are excited to watch this month in the comments below?

Here is the list:



Greys Anatomy – Season 16 – Sky Witness – 9pm


Opinion: I am so excited my favourite show is back.



Home Before Dark – Season 1 – Apple TV


Opinion: This looks really good a nine year old reporter on the case I am fascinated.


Tales From the Loops – Season 1 – Amazon Prime


Opinion: I watched the first episode and I am intrigued its weird and doesn’t explain much but I want to know more.



Flack – Season 2 – W


Opinion: I loved the first season I just want to know what happened to these characters.



Run – Sky Comedy – 9pm


Opinion: The trailer looks amazing I can’t wait to see it.


Vagrant Queen – Season 1 – SYFY


Opinion: I am fascinated by the space opera and child queen trying to reclaim her throne.

Devs – Season 1 – BBC2 – 9pm


Opinion: This looks so weird and cool just go watch the trailer.



Lincoln Rhyme Hunt for the Bone Collector – Season 1 – Sky


Opinion: A fascinating new crime show I am up for.

Emergence -Season 1 – Fox UK – 9pm


Opinion: This has Allison Tolman in it I just can’t wait to watch it.



Gangs of London – Season 1 – Sky Atlantic


Opinion: I am curious about this show and it has a good cast behind it.



Defending Jacob – Season 1 – Apple TV


Opinion: This looks like a great mini thriller series.



Code 404 – Season 1 – Sky One


Opinion: It has Stephen Graham in it that is all I need to know.



As always keep geeking!

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