April 2020 Wrap Up

So I am feeling so proud of my reading this month there is just nothing like the feeling of ending the month and going I read a lot this month. It is so satisfying and I hope that everyone reading this had a similarly awesome reading month plus I finished two books and one comic on my TBRs. Not only that but the books I read were nearly all really good which makes the high of reading so much even higher. On the other side of it I watched some awesome films this month and dug into my teenage loves a bit with a classic like The Princess Diaries, I still adore that film. In terms of TV Shows I started a lot of series but didn’t finish as many as I wanted to which is sad but today is new month so I am going to conquer it in TV shows. So let me know in the comments below what have you been watching, reading and listening to this month and what was your favourite?

Here is the list:


Everything All At Once by Steven Camden


Opinion: This was a funny and dramatic poetry collection on how hard secondary school is. It was relatable and short plus a enjoyable read.


The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M Cain


Opinion: Well this was a dramatic and scandalous book that you feel like you are either team Frank or team Cora. I was undecided because the author looks at so many interesting issues of relationships and society that you hate and love them both by the end. I really enjoyed it.


Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman


Opinion: This was such an intense and amazing book that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and by the end I was starting to like Aidan. The way it ends is such a fist bump moment. I can’t wait to start the next one. If you are worried about the format not being your thing I would try and push past it because the story is so good.


Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean


Opinion: I loved this book so much its hunger games meets Japanese mythology with an epic and empowering lead female character that I love. Also the magic and monsters in the story are cool and fascinating.


Thanos Titan Consumed by Barry Lyga


Opinion: The origin story of the most loved and hated villain in comic books and it doesn’t disappoint I was hooked for the whole book filled with bits of his life that you know from the films where you are like now I understand but also some new characters. If you are missing the cuddly purple guy: Thanos then read this.


Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire


Opinion: This is the story of Jack and Jill and it is so thrilling this is one of those books you can finish it in a day because it has you so on edge that you have to flip to the next page. Some of the relationships between characters in this book really gave me the creeps but I still had to know how they ended up. It was so good.


S.C.R.E.A.M. The Mummy’s Revenge by Andrew Beasley


Opinion: This was like a combination of Goosebumps and Robin Stevens books. I loved this book the two main characters are so sweet and funny. They make a great team and the mystery is interesting and hilarious. A great middle grade mystery and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.


South and West by Joan Didion


Opinion: This was a fascinating look at the American South in the 1970s observed by Joan Didion. It is sad at some points to recognise that some of these opinions talked about in the book are still present in today’s society specifically talking about race and poverty. It is an eye opening book about how quickly the opinion can change from town to town.





Opinion: The origin story to the Minions. For me it doesn’t live up to the Despicable Me films but it is a feel good film that will make you laugh.


The Addams Family


Opinion: The new animated version I was not expecting it to be so good but I really loved it as it had that modern day twist and all the nods to the TV show and old films. The actors were perfectly chosen for each role.


Father of the Bride 2


Opinion: I love that they were able to recreate the same hilarious and loving atmosphere of the first film. Franck that man is just my favourite thing about these films even thinking about him makes me laugh. If you are looking for a feel good film this is it.




Opinion: This was a beautifully shot and acted film that brought me to tears going through the life of Judy Garland. I also loved hearing about her life and the effects that had on the way she could live because of her career.


The Paper


Opinion: This was a great film about a tabloid editor that looks at the idea of a 24hr news cycle and the effect it has on the headline and your life. By the end I hadn’t realised I sat through 1hr 52mins film as I was so enthralled.


Princess Diaries


Opinion: Another throwback to my teenage years I have watched this film so many times I can now quote it lol! Its a great coming of age film that you will hold close to your heart.


TV Shows:

The Split Season 2 Finished


Opinion: This was so good I mean they amped up the drama level so much in this season. After watching it I was like nooooooo there is no more I need more. These characters are so intriguing and full of secrets that I want uncovered. If you are looking for a new series to obsess over this is mine.


The OC Season 1 Finished


Opinion: I loved rewatching this series OMG it was such a throw back to my teenage years plus I think it has aged so well. The dynamic duo of Ryan and Seth make for some great comedy and drama. I like how Summer develops as a character over the season but I don’t know about Marissa but I do feel sorry for her.


Body of Proof Season 1


Opinion: I have had this on my shelf for ages and never finished it so now is the time. I love the actor who plays Megan and the cases are fascinating. The dynamic between Megan and everyone else is hilarious.


Vera Season 2


Opinion: I just sometimes like to put a bit of Vera on because I love Brenda Blethyn she plays this character so well and the cases are really intriguing.


The West Wing Season 1


Opinion: After watching The Good Wife I remembered The West Wing so I said   rewatch time. This is such crazy fast paced look at a team of workers in the White House and all their shenanigans.


American Housewife Season 1


Opinion: I seem to be dipping in and out of this TV show it is like my relax show. It has some ridiculously funny situations.


Comics and Manga:

Skyward Volume 1 by Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett and Guiulherme Miranda


Opinion: This was a really quick paced comic about a girl who lives in a world where gravity doesn’t work but her father may have the answer. This story was really gripping and had a small love interest in it that I enjoyed. The artwork was beautiful, I love comics with sky landscapes and this one was filled with them.


Golden Kamuy Volume 2 by Satoru Noda


Opinion: Things are starting to get really heated for Asirpa and Sugimoto as the soldiers are gaining on them and I love the historical anecdotes in this Manga. Asirpa has to be the coolest character ever plus it was nice learn more about her culture in this volume.


The Black Mage by Daniel Barnes and DJ Kirkland


Opinion: This was such a fresh new story and I really enjoyed dipping into the world. It talks about big topics which added a lot of depth to the story as there isn’t much dialogue in this comic. However, I wanted to know so much more about the world I mean I have so many questions please let there be another volume.


The Magicians Alice’s Story by Lev Grossman, Lilah Sturges and Pius Bak


Opinion: This was good story a group of teenagers and how magic and the book you grow up with can really change your life. The problem I had with this comic is that I haven’t read the books in ages I think I need reread them to fully understand how they fit into The Magicians universe.



Empire Podcast


Opinion: It is a hilarious podcast filled with all the great film news and comments. I love it!


As always keep geeking!

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