Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda Review

Author: Becky Albertalli

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQIA


This story follows Simon who doesn’t see the need for those in the LGBTQIA community to come out and why don’t straight people come out? He is gay but doesn’t want to come out to everyone yet. But he starts emailing this guy who he likes anonymously but he accidentally leaves his emails open at school. It all spirals from there!

My Thoughts:

So I personally thought the LGBTQIA themes in this book were interesting and written with so much heart. The romance was so nauseatingly adorable but it worked perfectly for book as it just couldn’t be any other way. The friendship themes were excellent with so many different scenarios of how a situation affects all your friends differently.

I loved the use of the email format I think that was perfect to really engross you in their relationship and how it was going to turn out. The emails are so typically cute and represent that awkwardness of trying to find out more about the person on the other end also revealing something of yourself and the same time but not really being able to see their reactions. I loved Simon narrating he just has this calming effect on you that makes you sink into the book and never want to come out which is my favourite feeling.

Simon for a lot of the book I felt sorry for him because he just didn’t know who or how he wanted to be and he felt pressure from all sides of life also people and I think everyone can relate to that. By the end I loved him and was annoyed at his character because I thought that he grew some much throughout the book but made silly mistakes so all together he perfectly represents nearly everyone in life. Martin is such an asshole of a character and me personally not feel any sympathy for him especially because of the way he talks to Simon. Abby I love her character she has this confidence and carefree side about her that makes you feel the same way and I just enjoyed getting to know her so much. Leah did irritate me at times but I had so much sympathy for her as she felt very outside of herself not knowing how she fit into everything and that she was pushed away. Blue wow what a cute and perfect guy which kind of makes you hate him but love him also because he is so perfect for Simon.

I loved the plot for this book it was so simple and twisty at the same time so end up steaming through it. I think for me as a person who reads loads but reads so slowly ( my trick is to read many books at once then it doesn’t seem like I’m slow lol!) this book I flew through. Literally I read it in two sittings and that is so rare for me unless its a really short book. It just shows how amazing Becky Albertalli is at engrossing you in the world of her characters. I loved that she showed all sides of people through the use of blackmail in the book as it wasn’t just this person is good and this person is bad which is important because you have to understand all sides of the story to really make your own opinion on the situation or at least that is what I think ( historian brain right there lol!). I adore the ending it is the perfect awkward start of something amazing between two people that you just want to read more about but you are also just so happy that they are happy and have this amazing life together ahead of them. Wow ramble much basically I just felt so happy and cute at the end.

I loved this book it is the perfect YA contemporary and my favourite in the genre so far. I’ll admit I haven’t read many but I liked this one the most out of the ones I have read because it doesn’t follow the usual contemporary tropes that I have always have plastered in my mind about contemporary books especially YA contemporary books. It also has a great set of characters that make you love and hate them throughout the book so you end up being so engrossed in their lives. I think this book is perfect for those who are not sure about YA contemporary books and would like to try them out because it not just about a romance but also slightly a thriller.

5 stars

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