Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vol 1 Review

Author: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Robert Hack

Genre: horror, adventure, romance, drama


This follows Sabrina who was born a witch even though her mother was a mortal which brought shame to the witch community. Now that Sabrina is nearly 16 which is when her witch baptism is. Will history repeat itself?

My Thoughts:

So the theme of loss is epic in this comic as most people are experiencing it in terms of death or love loss which gives it quite a dark tone. There was lots of dark humour throughout the comic which I loved because I enjoy a good bit of dark humour it is a lot of the time for me what takes a comic from being good to great. The theme fear was beautifully done through the artwork that made it tense and creepy! Lastly the theme of adolescences was actually relatable not just a very adult outlook of what it is like to be a 16 year old girl.

I adore the artwork in this comic it is incredible and reminds me of Harrow County which I adored too. The art was very much a style of the 1950s/60s which gave it the warmest of the colour palette. I loved the way they made things flew and levitate it was so cool and imaginative but also so realistic (if you believe). Sabrina was such a beautiful character and I loved her wardrobe they had the fashion spot on which gave a great atmosphere. The use of red, orange and yellow for most of the background gave the comic that tense horror feel to it.

As I said before I loved the dark humour in the comic but also the banter between Hilda and Zelda it was cruel but hilarious. There is a lot of narrated text in this comic which usually I wouldn’t enjoy but this added so much to the background and interwoven into the story that I loved it. The talking animals were perfectly done and I thought that especially it was like seeing Salem from the TV show. The crazy witch’s dialogue was quite typical for her character which was annoying.

I loved Sabrina she was the perfect teenage witch with this secret dark side that you know is lurking there but doesn’t show much in this volume but I guess will do in the next! She also had the innocence which created a balanced character. Aunt Hilda was sweet and so supportive and then the contrasting Aunt Zelda was cruel but kind is the best way to describe her. Madam Satan she was quite a typical character so she annoyed me for a lot of the comic but she had some good evil lines. I think I will like her more in the next volume as her character will have more drama attached to her. Harvey omg what a sweet and kind man ( I wish they were all like that) I loved his character and was rooting for him all through the comic no matter what the aunts said! He was a gentleman and can’t wait to see what he does next.

So I’ll admit it was a thrilling comic not as thrilling as when I read the Suicide Squad comics which for some reason is what I was expecting. I think the build to the end was my favourite part as you were just waiting for Sabrina to make that leap to the dark side and what the consequences would be. The beginning is a bit long but it is so important for understanding the ending and where each of the characters sit in the story. The ending what a good cliff hanger can she pull off her mistake or was it one! It’s so exciting but we must wait till an unknown time for the next volume as the TV show is still going which I think is the reason for the delay. Sad times but oh my mind is spinning with possibilities.

Overall, I loved this comic it was an amazing start to something that is such a brilliant idea that will be a great series. I loved Sabrina and how torn she was between normal and witch life. I loved how it was a mixture of harrowing scenes and everyday scenes in the artwork. It had me hooked from start to finish and I can’t wait to read the next volume! It’s going to be epic. For people who loved Harrow County or Outcast or Sabrina the Teenage witch even though it’s quite different to the old TV show due to the humour and actions of characters.

5 stars

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