May 2020 Film Releases

As we move into more uncertain times films appearing on streaming services are going to be coming out less and less which is why I urge you to check the charity below this post and donate to help keep the Film and Television industry afloat. Onto a happier note here are all the films I am excited for this month on the top of that list is Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker because I am a huge Star Wars fan it will be available on Now TV/ Sky and Disney+. Another franchise that is releasing a film into the streaming world is Fast and Furious with their spin off film Hobbs & Shaw which I am looking forward to rewatching.

So here is the list:


4th – Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker

Opinion: I surprisingly really enjoyed this film when it came out in the cinema plus love the Rlyo drama. Also arrives on Now TV/ Sky on the same day.


22nd – The Boys Sherman Brothers Story

Opinion: This looks like a fascinating documentary film about two men who created some of the greatest Disney tunes I sing a long to. 


Amazon Prime

1st – Escape from Alcatraz

Opinion: This is a film with Clint Eastwood in it about a man wanting to escape from Alcatraz which sounds fascinating. 



Opinion: This looks like a thrilling watch about a group of medical students trying to create the perfect murder. 


House of D

Opinion: It has Anton Yelchin and Robin Williams in it I am big fan of them. 


8th – The Goldfinch

Opinion: A film I missed in the cinema which is the adaptation of Donna Tartt’s book. 


15th – Seberg

Opinion:  This is a fascinating biopic about a female actress in the 1960s in the time of J Edgar Hoover. 


22nd – Rocketman

Opinion: I am looking forward to rewatching this film as it is fascinating story of Elton John’s life.  


29th – The Vast of Night

Opinion: This looks like an amazing and thrilling tale of strange sound on the radio than turns into hunt for the truth.


Now TV/ Sky

1st – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Opinion: I loved this film it is one of my favourite out of the Tarantino set so smooth and exciting. 


12th – Adam

Opinion: It looks like a hilarious and sweet coming of age story and it is set in New York. 


15th – Alita Battle Angel

Opinion: I really want to rewatch this as visually it is stunning and a great story. 


17th – State Like Sleep

Opinion: A woman trying to find out about what her husband’s life was really like oh I’m in!


19th – Satanic Panic

Opinion: This sounds like stepford wives gone nuts I am so here for it. 


22nd – Fast and Furious Hobbs & Shaw

Opinion: They are just such fun action films. 



1st – All Day and A Night

Opinion: This looks like sad story but a fascinating story of a guy trying to live better than the generation before. 


The Half of It

Opinion: This looks like such a funny and cute story about girl just trying to express herself and be who she wants to be. 


22nd – The Lovebirds

Opinion: This film has one of my favourite actors in it Issa Rae so I have to watch it. 


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