Eternal Law Series 1 Ep1-3

I came across this TV show while scrolling through my Amazon Prime Subscription to find something unusual to watch and came across the old ITV drama and thought I’d give it a try here are my thoughts let me know yours down below in the comments.

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Series 1

Episode 1

So for some unknown reason I decided to start watching another series like I don’t have enough to watch already. But you know me I can’t resist watching something I may have missed years ago.

This strange TV show is basically about angels who are sent as defence lawyers to help those who are accused of a crime. Basically starting a debate of good and evil and I am such a sucker for this debate.

This episode was a sad and confusing beginning. Sad in the case what they were talking about although I would say that the case could have been explained more as it was very rushed at the end. Confusing as in who the characters are and where they stand. So overall an interesting concept and sweet characters. But feeling like jelly after the first episode I will have to get back to you after the next episode.

Episode 2

I can’t decide if I like this TV show or if it is just too whacky for me. I like a lot of information in my TV shows about characters and the world I guess that is why I am liking this TV show but this is too much all at once. I still think it is fascinating and also I feel more engaged with the main characters especially Zak. He has this tortured soul look that works well for his character and makes you like him even more. I have to say I think that Hannah should be a more prominent character in terms of who she is but I guess she is also part of the mystery.

The story of Mrs Sheringham was beautiful and heartbreaking. It made you understand her character but also understand the price of who they are as angels. The case in this episode was very close to my heart as I went through the same battle as Hal but mine was a lot uglier it was well representative of the process which in my opinion doesn’t help the child. Overall, a much more riveting episode than the first.

Episode 3

What a sad episode although I have to say I think I have said that for the other two. This is one of those TV shows that beautifully wrecks you emotionally. The case for this episode tackled the issues surrounding old age in a informative and emotional way. So it was about this elderly gentleman in a care home who has been accused of poisoning the owner of the care home. In a way this episode had more of a mystery to it which I loved.

There was a lot more character development in this episode especially with Tom not only in his personal life but also him wanting to understand what happened to Mrs Sheringham. The more I watch the more I love Tom’s character. He has this innocence that draws you in to the TV show more and more.

This episode was a tricky one I loved the very awkward banter of Zak and Hannah. However, it lacked something I think it was to do with the fact that the case was so complicated in terms of each characters relationship to each other. I did enjoy it I just thought it didn’t quite flow as well as the other episodes. But it did bring out that overarching dilemma of good and evil very cleverly through dementia and friendship.

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