Miss Sloane Review

Genre: political, thriller, drama



This follows Elizabeth who is a political lobbyist for one of the top law firms in Washington. But an opportunity arises to work for a small law firm on a campaign for the Heaton-Harris Amendment which includes more extensive background checks on people trying to buy guns in the US. When she switches to the campaign is her strategy thought as far ahead as she needs to?

My Thoughts:

This is an epic plot with so many twists and turns it might just make your head explode. The shear audacity of this plot your just thinking that’s incredible how neatly they tied it up at the end! I think they used the plot perfectly to show how important plotting is to lobbyists. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film consistently surprising you with how each character crumbles around Elizabeth. I loved the plot so much I was trying to anticipate her next move as it just engrosses you in the world your watching.


I loved Elizabeth she was very true to how most people are today having two faces one that is for work/public and the other for when you close the door when you get home. They made her character very relatable through her flaws and discussing that decision to work instead of have a family. She had so many layers I feel like I would have liked to see more about her past and how she got to where she was. Rudolpho was the moral character with a conscious which at times annoyed me but he was essential to show how immoral she was. Esme I feel like I didn’t create a concrete opinion of her in my mind because she is such a puppet in this film. She never develops a personality because you only supposed to feel sorry for her which is a shame. The lawyer Daniel was a funny guy as you saw him slowly understand her and her motives but get so annoyed at her. Pat what a slime ball such a fantastically hideous character that you hate continuously but enjoy his evilness. Senator Ronald wow I just think his character is so sad as that character is very true to some real life senators which makes so angry. George he was a great character as he showed the game play out which happens when you get too power hungry. Jane you just want to cheer for her character at the end. She has this spark that I just loved about her character that made me like her as she was just that little bit moral unlike Elizabeth. Overall, an extremely well thought out group of characters that fit perfectly into the plot.


I loved this film I think I have watched it about five times and that is rare for me usually it’s two times maximum but this one has a potential to be a classic political thriller. Jessica Chastain is simply incredible in this movie she makes you feel like she isn’t a conniving person but someone that grows on you and someone you want on your side. It just a great movie for anyone who like politics, thrillers or strong main character driven films it will keep you wondering what is round the corner throughout!

5 stars


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