May 2020 TV Releases

So with also the TV Shows you would think that this would be the time not many things would be coming out but as my list shows there are more TV Shows being released than films at the moment which is exciting. As TV Shows have often taken a back seat how big they are but with Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime plus their channels the TV revolution has started. This month the industry is really giving it’s all with a hilarious new Spanish comedy called Valeria launching on Netflix and Mark Ruffalo gracing our screens with his new drama I Know This Much Is True on Sky Atlantic. Let me tell you more about what is coming to your screens this month then lets have chat about the shows in the comments below.

Here is the list: 

Disney +

1st – Prop Culture – Season 1

Info  =

Watch =

Opinion: This looks at some of the coolest props from our favourite Disney films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Mary Poppins.


Disney Gallery Star Wars The Mandalorian – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: This series follows the ins and outs of the production of the Mandalorian.



1st – Hollywood – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: Fascinating and glamorous drama about Hollywood after the Second World War.


Reckoning – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: Local teen murdered in a quiet town but is there more under the surface brewing especially about this father.


8th – Dead to Me – Season 2

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: I loved the first season a hilarious and crazy situation dialled up a notch. 


The Eddy – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: About the troubles and drama of owning a Jazz club in the middle of Paris.


Valeria – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: Valeria who is in a bit of writing and life slump seeks the help of her friends to get her out of it.


11th – Bordertown – Season 3

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A thrilling looking Finnish detective series.


15th – Chichipato – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A comedy about a magician who just needs a  big break but this one is a bit of dangerous situation.


White Lines – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A DJ dead under mysterious circumstances can the sister uncover the mystery.


22nd – Control Z – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: The things hackers can do to high schools.


20th – Mystic Pop Up Bar – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A new Korean series about a bar that can travel between  worlds.


22nd – History 101 – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A new way of bringing history to everyone.


29th – Space Force – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: The new show from Steve Carell.


Now TV/ Sky

11th – Brockmire – Season 4

Info =

Watch = Now TV or Fox UK 11pm or Amazon Prime

Opinion: About a baseball announcer on the edge of his cliff.


I Know This Much Is True – Season 1

Info =

Watch = Now TV or Sky Atlantic 9pm

Opinion: About two brothers can one help the other out of this situation.


19th – 9-1-1 – Season 3

Info =

Watch = Now TV or Sky Witness 9pm or Amazon Prime

Opinion: Such an amazing series like a mixture of a cop show and Greys Anatomy.


21st – Pandora – Season 1

Info =

Watch = SYFY 9pm

Opinion: A new series about a young girl training to save the galaxy I so can’t wait to watch this series.


Amazon Prime

1st – Upload – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A place where you can choose your own afterlife.



17th – Hightown – Season

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: A murder investigation that is consuming this one woman but why?


Apple TV

1st – Trying – Season 1

Info =

Watch =

Opinion: The new romantic comedy series that is saying will steal your heart away. 


As always keep geeking!


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