Ms Marvel Vol 1 No Normal Review

Genre: superhero, comic, coming of age story

Author: G. Willow Wilson and  Adrian Alphona

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This story follows Kamala who is just a normal (whatever that is) Muslim girl living in Jersey City. But she desperately wants to be captain Marvel. But one day will her wish come true? Maybe but  not the way she wanted?

My Thoughts:

Wow the artwork is so cool in this comic I loved the tone of sunset colours through most of the comic it gave it that look of innocence. I have never read any captain Marvel comics so I can’t tell you if they are similar. I loved the power of enlarging certain parts or her whole body it was so cleverly drawn and made certain scenes really small or large. The creation of the mini robots were creepy and looked like something out of Alien which made the scenes tense as you couldn’t really see what they could do to people. I think my favourite scene would have to be the part where she enlarges in the girls bathroom and her teacher just half believes her and only gives her a detention for destroying it so weird but funny. I loved the costume choice it very much represented how she was in development as a superhero.


I found her subconscious talking cute and witty but also realistic to life. I adored the scene with the avengers that was the wackiest and hilarious dialogue I have ever read. The sarcasm between Nakia and Kamala was adorable and enjoyable. I like that only hinted at the question of whether Kamala and Bruno would have romance. As sometimes I feel they put romance in comics just to appeal to women and sometimes it is so unnecessary. The conversations between her and her dad were lovely and supportive it was so nice to see great and caring parents in a comic as it is so rare. It was great to see them explaining traditions of Muslim culture throughout the comic.


Kamala I love her character is she is fierce but also not afraid to make mistakes that draws you into the comic even more as she is mixture of many characteristics. I enjoyed that she fully embraced her powers but struggled at the same time which felt very human. Bruno I liked his character because even though he seems perfect on the outside he has his own demons to deal with. I have an annoyance about perfect characters. His actions are very protective which at points I was really annoyed at but on the other hand, that shows less and less in fictional men so it was nice to see. Her father was so sweet and I instantly fell in love with his character as he reminded me of the men in my family. Her mother, I also really enjoyed I found it a very typical relationship but I feel it will develop more in later volumes. Nakia I don’t know about her as a character she didn’t have much of part in this volume. That girl at school so irritating.


It was a good plot it stuck very much to a particular structure of beginning being about background and setting up then moving into a mini story of saving someone. At points I did feel it played it a bit too safe for example when after she tried to save Vick but failed. I felt there needed to be more repercussions also that would have been a perfect opportunity for the avengers to appear again but they didn’t. It wasn’t a steady flow it was very choppy between scenes. It was just lacking in development all around which was due to its length.


I loved the premise for this comic it is so original and surprising at every turn. It has lots of characters that have great potential. I just wish it had been longer as there were some missed opportunities for fantastic scenes that could have added to the plot. I think her powers and costume were my favourite things about the comic as they were not what I was expecting but made me fall in love with the character even more. This is a great comic for those that love coming of age stories and odes to original comic characters. It’s hilarious at times then really tense which made me love it even more.

4 stars


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