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Genre: animation, drama, comedy, biography

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This film is about a man who is in a bar one night and a group of men say a rude comment to him and he says a clever phrase back and they beat him within an inch of his life. But he now can’t remember much of his old life or draw so he creates Marwen. Marwen is is a town where 5 women dolls and a soldier live in Belgium which is under siege by the Nazis and he takes pictures of them.


My Thoughts:

The animation of the dolls was just incredible they felt very human and emotional which allowed to connect with them more as characters. The dolls were also very realistic to the characters they represented, I think the most clear representation was of Nicole as they captured her facial features perfectly. The animation style did remind me a lot of Toy Story which I love as it has this realistic warmth that I don’t see in other animations styles. All in all the animation has this nostalgic feel to it that brings me back to my childhood and the hours on end I used to play with Barbies and their aeroplane.


The story was heartbreaking in so many parts but also you never felt throughout the film that there wasn’t that warmth of hope around the corner. The recreation of the events of that night were perfectly done in a way of slowly playing out the scene in drips and drabs of flashbacks. In a way it felt more realistic to recovering from such a trauma. I love that the two love interests were opposite loves in the sense that one was immediate interest and the other was one that blossomed over time. The plot showed the journey in a beautiful way that it made the film very important to go see and understand his story.


I loved Roberta she was so purely kind and sweet plus full of hope. You just wanted to give her a big hug. Anna was funny and GI Julie was so courageous and had such beauty to her. Hogie as a character was brave and vulnerable such a heart-warming creation of what he wanted to be. Mark’s journey it was painful and amazing for me and that you felt you went along with him. Nicol I didn’t like I found her quite irritating but also essential to the plot.


I loved this film it was so sad and beautiful. I am not gonna lie it was hard to watch but I think that was necessary to feel that pain yourself so you have that hope for him at the end. I would have liked to see more of how the women changed his life through his journey. It is a fabulous human story and great for those who love true stories and heart wrenching films.

4 stars


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