Charmed Season 1 Ep 1-4

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So apparently you can’t watch it anywhere which I find so ludicrous as it is up there with Buffy and it has been rebooted with success! So one of the streaming services please pick it up!!!!!!

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Season 1

Episode 1

So this TV show has a hugely special place in my heart it is basically one of those ones that got me through life and kept me sane and kept me who I am and want to be. I know that’s a lot especially from a TV show but as I have said before there are some films or TV shows that just shape your life and world for the better. This was one of them about three sisters who are partly estranged but after their grandma dies they all end up in their family home again and strange things start to happen with a Ouija board and cats?

It is not your typical witch TV show it has a very modern look at what witches might be like in our time or in this case the 1990s and dealing with society and boyfriends who are not magical (I mean so annoying lol!). I love that this is the first episode and your already in the middle of the action there is none of that heart to heart make up sister session. It is straight into defeating warlock and awful bosses (oh I have had too many of those at this age!).

I also love that their powers are so simple there is nothing overly complicated just one stops time, one has visions and one can move things with her mind and for now that is enough. That alone has so much possibility and power that I am hooked. The sisters are very different characters which works perfectly as they play off each other. I love that these are three young, strong, ambitious women and they inspired me so much as a teenager. First episode dramatic, jam packed and full of emotions completely hooks you in with strong interesting characters.


Episode 2

So this episode really starts the idea of the format for how the series is going to go with the a demon on a loose and personal drama on the side. The demon in this episode is intriguing in terms of the fact that he takes age to keep his state of beauty although I have to say not my type. But I just found his character boring partly cause he didn’t speak much or have much interaction with the Charmed ones. As it was more setting up for a larger story later in the series with Prue which is intriguing but I think needed more left to the imagination. So Javna is not my favourite demon and could have had a lot of work done on him.

In terms of character development you mainly focus on Prue which is nice as at this point you are just annoyed at her partly because she is miss perfect and partly cause she is so rigid. So it is nice to see the Andy drama plus they have a lot of past which makes the relationship more interesting. You also see Piper battle with her faith and how that ties into being a witch and whether or not she is a good witch. I like the idea of this debate as it is so fascinating when you look at history and how we persecuted witches throughout history because we didn’t understand their practice plus other reasons. I’m not saying I believe in witches but I think it would be fascinating if their existence and powers were real.

Overall, this episode is a build up episode with a mediocre demon but interesting debates in the idea of a witch and how it connects to the church. I also love the battle between Morris and Andy over the non believer and sceptic situation because it creates great banter and strong relationship between them. I do enjoy this episode but I think it could have done with some tweaking.


Episode 3

So this is the daddy episode where their long lost dad turns up. Also there is someone or some animal trying to steal the book of shadows. Of course Dad gets involved and it just spirals from there. This episode annoys me so much every time I watch it. The reason is I don’t like the way the relationship between the Dad and the Charmed ones is set up it is told so fast that you miss the whole back story they have dropped in your lap. Plus the character of Victor the Dad is very irritating and I don’t trust him which I guess your not supposed at the start but even at the end I was like that man dodgy!

Also the characters trying to steal the book felt like they were just there to fill in the plot where there is a baddie they need to defeat not to actually inform them of this new world or even to be interesting bad characters. They were just boring and had no back story attached to them. Plus their ending was so bad and cliche it really got on my nerves. But I do love the last minute as you meet Leo and OMG he is the best thing about this episode a mysterious good looking guy yes!

Overall, this is just a big annoyance for me as I think they could have handled the Dad situation in a more intriguing way plus he didn’t have to be in that scene when they got rid of the shapeshifters it just didn’t work. However, the ending part is very cute and promises a new and interesting character so you can skip this episode in my opinion.

Episode 4

This episode is one my favourites in the series it so beautifully written and a fascinating case. This is about a young Chinese man who on his 23rd birthday is shot by a man who wants his identity to get out of the country. However, there is also the Chinese myth of Yama wanting his soul! Can piper save his soul and help him cross over? It just an episode that I cry at every time as it is amazing writing and the music is chosen perfectly for each scene. Especially that song at the end by Beth Nielsen Chapman it is just stunning and makes me cry.

So its definitely an emotional episode not only for Piper but also for Prue as it is her birthday and things are still turbulent with Andy. Their relationship is beautifully written as they have the most amazing chemistry with this great dialogue you just are always rooting for them to stay to together and to get married and have cute babies. You see Pheobe really grow as a character as well because she starting to feel like her own person. I love how much emotion and care she puts into the character. I think that is why I love her character.

Overall, an amazing episode filled with a fascinating story of a young man finding peace with his life and this connection with Piper was so beautiful and made me so teary but I loved the episode more because they had that connection. I enjoyed that you also saw both Pheobe and Prue getting equal character development. It is just a heart wrenching episode that will make you cry but appreciate everything you have in life.


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