Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts Review

Genre: comedy, children’s fiction, 5-8 fiction, family

Author = Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang and Nathan Reed

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Sam Wu is determined to not be afraid of ghosts and he has a plan! This plan includes buying a scary pet and trying to defeat the ghost king. Will he be able to conquer his fears with the help of his friends Zoe and Bernard and his sister?

My Thoughts:

These illustrations are done by Nathan Reed and are hilarious plus perfect for this book. The illustrations are so intertwined into the story which shows how both authors and illustrator put everything they had into the project and perfectly brought the message across to the reader. The use of words as illustrations just made it more interactive. All the illustrations were funny, exciting and made the characters loveable.


Sam is an amazing character because he is sweet and brave. I love that he is trying to overcome his fears because I wish I could do that lol. Ralph he was a character you instantly disliked and then never change your mind about but essential to the story. Zoe was such kind and lovely friend who was also so smart and just a character you would love to have as a friend in real life. Bernard was funny and he was such a character because I love when he gets out his glasses at the end starts on one of his little rants so adorable. Lucy I love her I think she is a better character than Sam which I guess is bad but she is so cool! Also badass with a snake and inspiring!


I loved the plot of this book it was simple and hilarious with a few twists and turns which kept the pace going. The ending was so perfect especially with Lucy it was hilarious and loved friends coming together. This plot has some parts where you’re like that is a freaky and spine chilling moment but in a fun way. I just love explaining this story to kids and parents when I am recommend it it just puts a smile on everyone’s faces.


This is just one of the most sweet, hilarious and important 5-8 years old books we have ever had. Katie and Kevin do a fantastic job of tackling the idea of fear and how children can not only conquer their fears but also to be okay with having fears. The friendship of all three friends is so adorable and strong which made you connect more with the characters. I loved the feeling of family and tradition of culture it made me relate more to the story but also important for Asian culture to be seen in kids books. The plot is fun and exciting but so silly so will really engage children. Even if your children don’t read it give it a try yourself you’ll end up loving it and then maybe they will go for it!

5 stars


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