Guardians of the Galaxy New Guard Volume 1 Review

Genre: fantasy, marvel, superhero, sci-fi, political

Author = Brian Michael Bendis, Valerio Schiti, Richard Isanove, Cory Petit, Arthur Adams and Jason Keith

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So the Guardians of the Galaxy are back at it again saving the galaxy but slightly destroying it at the same time with a different team as your used to in the film. In this volume there are a few destroyer people looking for King Quill. One in particular is Hala!


My Thoughts:

So this has a huge political theme throughout the comic from the many different factions as is usual in the Marvel universe. However, I feel like those factions were very well connected. There was also a little theme of love with the two Star-Lords but I loved the fact they didn’t overly focus on Gamora and Quill’s love interest past. The theme of family was shown through the group and the conversation about Quill’s father which was so awkward and amusing. They are such a great family team in this comic.


I love the artwork in this comic it was my favourite mixture of those pinks, purples and yellowish orange colours that just create a classic space look. I love that there was more full page artwork I feel like it gives artist a chance to explore the scene more, especially the battles in this comic really benefited from it. I enjoyed the different planets and their habitats are so fascinating.


I wasn’t impressed with the dialogue in this comic I felt that it was very stereotypical especially with Drax and Rocket because it’s just the same as always I wanted to see them have a different relationship especially because they are a different team and have grown as characters. The Quill and Star Lord mushy conversations were cute especially. I wanted to see more from the dialogue on all aspects as this is a build up so the dialogue should reflect the tension in it and it didn’t.


So I loved Hala’s character she was so villainous and scary in her costume especially with those eyes. Peter annoyed me beyond belief I just couldn’t get on with him he was boring. Star Lord was a  fun character but had very little dialogue which I felt she was being usurped by Peter. By the way Star Lord is a woman. Drax and Rocket were the same as in the movie which was predictable. Venom was such a strange addition didn’t quite understand that. Fantastic Four rock guy fit in nice with great banter with Drax. Groot just felt non existent. I think it was so difficult for this comic to work with these characters as there were just too many and none were introduced.


So the actual plot was good I was hooked to see how and why Hala had just dropped on to the Spartax planet with a revenge mission. The end was this evil chat with the villains which is classic and I loved. The battles were big explosions with big egos throwing their weight around which was amusing at times. The pre battle talk with Quill was not done in a clever way and that is a shame because it’s such an important part of the plot which could have given it a great twist. All in all a half good plot needed more work and suggestions.


So reading back my review it seems that I absolutely didn’t like this comic but I just thought it was average with a lot of irritating parts to it. It has a lot of potential to grow into a fantastic story arc but the characters need a lot of work and need to mesh better together. However, I did love the artwork especially the full page art. Fingers crossed the next volume will be better.

3 stars


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