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Genre: drama, biography, human interest piece

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This is the story of a young man named Nick who has a problem with drugs but particularly crystal meth. It charters his journey towards recovery with a special focus on his father and his relationship with him and his father trying to understand his addiction.

My Thoughts:

I hate judging the plot of someone’s life it always seems rude and ungrateful. This was quite a slow and painful plot but that was good because you could feel every moment, in that way it was more representative. I really enjoyed seeing a fathers perspective it was a fresh idea but also gave a wider context to the situation. You felt like you were observing their stories from the outside as there were so many different sides portrayed throughout story which incorporated that idea that a family no matter how big will try and support you which I loved. The use of the interview the father has a narration that is so powerful. To see him discuss with an outsider the situation is so brave.


Nic wow just an amazing performance from Timotheé so emotive and he just completely took on that role. I felt pain and anger so much because he had no control and that made me feel so sad. David he felt like a hero because he did everything he could do. However, it never felt like a selfish point of view. His new wife an incredible performance you could feel her love and care for Nic unconditionally. Plus her scene in the car showed how strong and powerful her character was in her love for Nic. His mother an interesting part as she didn’t always have a crucial role but also she didn’t feel like clear villain but there was a hint of that.


I loved this film but it was really hard to watch as it just ripped you to shreds emotionally. Throughout there was this message of hope and education which I felt gave the film it’s foundation. I really can’t find much fault with it and I think it did fantastic job of representing their story. If you don’t mind a massive tear jerker or you want a  film that really grabs you definitely check out Beautiful Boy.

5 stars


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