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Series 1

Episode 4

What an episode I have to say this was the most dramatic episode ever. Plus you never knew which way plot was going to go, it was a constant mystery throughout. This episode was centred around decisions and the possibility of breaking the rules. It brings this tension and excitement to the episode which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

So the case is about a mother whose son dies and then she is stalked by this man. Then the man comes to her house and he winds up dead. It is basically questioning whether she should be convicted of the murder of this man. Zak and Tom have to decide who they have to save and the clock has started ticking! Tom grew so much as a character because his faith was so conflicted. The Zak and Hannah dilemma is heating up as to whether they can just be friends.

Overall, this episode has so many things happening and subtle meanings for the main plot of the show that you have to watch it twice to catch everything. I think it was a powerful episode filled with so many emotions and at some points too many emotions because it felt overwhelming. An interesting episode that was raw and at times hard to watch.

Episode 5

I think this is my favourite episode it is combination of a fascinating case and twists and turns through the main plot of the series. It mostly renewed my faith (lol) in the show as the last two episodes were good but a bit fractured. Plus you got more of an insight into Mrs Sheringham’s life and her struggles which I have always found fascinating from the start as she has this mystery that you half know but always feel like your missing a piece.

I loved the case for this episode it was about a young soldier in the army who Tom found stabbed in the field and the army thinks she is a deserter so they are charging for being a deserter. So Tom is on a mission to save her but he gets benched for Hannah. This case flowed perfectly as there where mini mysteries within the case that kept you engaged throughout. Especially the one about Zak’s past which was fascinating and so sad. The continuing issue of Zak and Hannah is causing issues with Mr Mountjoy. However, Mrs Sheringham has a cunning plan which was sad but beautiful for him to see her happy and them breaking apart it just melted my heart.

Overall, a fantastic episode filled with pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together which you just can’t wait to uncover! I loved every minute of it but so sad that this is the second last episode. This TV show has weird and interesting fascination with people’s beliefs and questioning them that draws you in plus Zak and Tom feel so human in all their qualities that you don’t get annoyed anymore but more interested.

Episode 6

What a last episode I wasn’t expecting so much drama and then such a calm ending it kind of threw me off a bit. I was like oh its ended really that’s all your giving me which I guess is because it got cancelled and they had to wrap it up quickly and solidly.

The case for this episode follows three brothers and them fighting for their beliefs in their family business and what direction it should go in. It perfectly fit that it was the last episode and that the angels are like the sons of god.

Overall, it was such a jam packed with so much spinning in your mind about characters that you couldn’t believe it was the end. I loved the fight scene between Zak and Richard it was so tense and dramatic with so much anger it I was gripped completely! The ending was bliss in terms of it was a beautiful happy ending but it was almost too sudden. I loved every minute of the last episode it was thrilling.

All in all I thought it was an interesting concept of angels being sent down to be lawyers helping people in need of guidance. It is full of very deep subjects throughout the series from suicide to murder to heartbreak which most of the time it does it justice but I think one light case in each series would have helped as you felt very drained from the emotion in each of the episodes.

The characters were fascinating and I think they could have grown into fascinating people like Hannah and her complex issues with Zak which was a great way to engage the audience in their story which I loved. Tom was probably my favourite he had this constant dilemma of whether he was doing the right thing or is it all for nothing. Mrs Sheringham I felt so sorry for she did it for love loosing her wings but she lost it all in the end.

Overall, I great first series with some rocky bits in the middle but a solid and a beautiful ending! It is shame it had to end at series 1 as it would have developed into fascinating series like a mixture of Being Human and Silk.


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